Field Work Files

The Jewish Heritage Collection field work files include unpublished memoirs; family and congregational histories; genealogical material, photocopies of documents, photographs, and scrapbooks; community and synagogue programs and directories; cemetery surveys; inventories from other archives; and newspaper and magazine articles. The growing table below (searchable using Ctrl-F) is organized alphabetically by South Carolina cities and towns.

To access these uncatalogued materials, visit Special Collections or contact Max Daniel at or 843.953.8603.

City/townFamilySubjectSourceDate AcquiredNotes
AbbevilleMiscellaneousBrochures and newsletters. Photocopies of clippings.
AbbevilleRosenbergGeorge RosenbergEdith C. Rosenberg9/1998Photocopies of clippings and letter.
AbbevilleRosenbergRosenberg Collection, South Caroliniana Library, ColumbiaKaren Beidel9/1997Research notes.
AbbevillePoliakoffPoliakoff FamilyMcKissick MuseumPhotocopies of pages from the Poliakoff store ledger, dated 1900 to 1901. Photocopies of letter, certificate, newsletter, and photograph.
AbbevillePoliakoffPoliakoff FamilyLetters, brochures, and pamphlets pertaining to the Poliakoff store's 90th and 95th anniversaries. Brochures regarding the Samuel R. Poliakoff Collection of Western Art at the Abbeville County Library. Photocopies of clippings.
AbbevillePoliakoffA. E. PoliakoffEdward Poliakoff8/24/1998Photocopies of pages from diary belonging to A. E. Poliakoff, covering his service in the medical corps during the Second World War, dated September to October 1944.
AikenPearlstine; Wengrow; WolffAdath Yeshurun SynagogueDoris Baumgarten4/2003Letters regarding Torah donated by Ray Pearlstine Wolff to Adath Yeshurun Synagogue.
AikenBaumgartenAdath Yeshurun Synagogue; Aiken Jews3/2011Brochures and photocopies of pamphlets concerning Adath Yeshurun's 75th anniversary. Letters, postcards, and Dale Rosengartern's field notes. Photocopies of clippings.
AikenBaumgartenAdath Yeshurun Synagogue Historic Marker DedicationDoris Baumgarten; Nelson Danish11/2014Clippings; photocopies of clippings; letter from Doris to curator; letter from assistant archivist to Doris.
AikenPoliakoff; Surasky; Wolf; PolierAdath (Adas) Yeshurun CongregationStephen Surasky11/2013Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation for "Congregation of Adas Yeshurun." Photocopy of page from American Jewish Yearbook, vol. 21, 1919-1920, documenting Children of Israel Congregation, org. 1907, and Children of Israel Cemetery.
AikenPersky; SuraskyAdath Yeshurun Synagogue; HadassahWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopies of clippings.
AikenPasnowsky; Siminski; Rodereguez; Rodereque; Poznowsky; Roderiques; Lazarus; Solomon; Podusky; MyersCornish's diary: 19th century Jews in AikenDoris Baumgarten11/2014Notes from the diary of John Hamilton Cornish, archived at UNC; correspondence between donor and curator and assistant archivist.
Aiken"Happyville" (Montmorenci)Lawrence Ginsburg3/2005Unpublished essay by Lawrence Ginsburg regarding the origin of the name "Happyville." Drafts of essay,"'Happyville,'" by Dale Rosengarten. Donor/curator correspondence.
Aiken"Happyville" (Montmorenci)Peter Baumgarten; Doris Baumgarten6/28/1998; July 2018Photocopies of plat, clippings, photographs, and South Carolina government documents dated 1905. Letter from Doris Baumgarten with clipping about 2018 Happyville exhibit at Aiken County Historical Museum.
Aiken"Happyville" (Montmorenci)Mort Persky10/03/2013Email correspondence, notes on ownership, maps, and an aerial view of the area where the Montmorenci colony was located.
AikenRothman"Happyville" (Montmorenci)Marcia Savin2004Transcripts of interviews with Al Rothman and Ida Rothman Knowlton. Copy photographs of Rothman family members. Photocopies of clippings and South Carolina government documents dated 1880. Donor/curator correpsondence.
AikenJewish Farm CommunesDoris Baumgarten10/2005Photocopies of clippings concerning Jewish farm communes in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Kansas.
AikenRosenwaldRosenwald Schools; Julius RosenwaldDoris Baumgarten5/3/2003; 6/2004Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
AikenBaumgarten; LernerDoris Lerner Baumgarten; Adath Yeshurun; confirmation at Rodeph Shalom, Newport News, VADoris Baumgarten2/2015Note from Doris to assistant archivist that includes mention of the Historic Aiken Foundation honoring Adath Yeshurun; photocopies of Doris's 1945 confirmation certificate, program, and declaration of priniciples; copy photo of the confirmation participants and Doris's IDs.
AikenBaumgartenPeter BaumgartenDoris Baumgarten4/2001Aiken Country Land Trust newsletter containing Lee Dane's recollections of Peter Baumgarten. Photocopy of clipping containing biographical information.
AikenEfron; SuraskyEfron familyMarvin Efron; Bella MagazineFall 2014"Efron Family History," draft written by Marvin Efron for Jewish Historical Society of SC's Fall 2014 publication. Copy of "The Efrons" in Bella Magazine, part of a series titled "Exploring the History of Aiken: Part IV," by Anna Boylston Dangerfield.
AikenFranzblauFranzblau FamilyDoris Baumgarten; Arnold Franzblau1/1996Research notes and correspondence.
AikenKaplanHerman Raymond KaplanPhotocopy of clipping.
AikenPayeff; Persky; Surasky; TroppPersky Family; William Payeff; Mina Surasky Tropp; Southern Jewish Identity; AntisemitismMordecai PerskyEssays and eulogies composed by Mordecai Persky. Donor/curator correspondence, including copy photos of grave of Menachem Mendel Surasky in Knyszyn, Poland.
AikenPinck; SuraskyEsther Surasky PinckWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopies of letter, clippings, programs, report cards, and genealogical information.
AikenPinck; SuraskySurasky FamilyRose H. Harris 10/20/1997Photocopy of essay, "Jewish Life in Aiken, S.C.: Memories of Esther Surasky Pinck," edited by Arnold Shankman.
Aiken Pinck; PolierPinck FamilyWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopy of The Story of the Pincks concerning Louis and Esther Pinck. Photocopies of clippings.
AikenPolier; PerskyPolier FamilyWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopies of letter and clippings.
AikenCohen; Danish; PolierPolier FamilyNelson Danish; Dale Rosengarten3/2001; 7/2014; 8/2014; 10/2014; 11/2014Photocopies of clippings pertaining to Shad Polier, Justine Wise Polier, the Cohen family of Augusta, and Danish family of Savannah. Photos of Nelson Danish. Donor/curator correspondence. Photocopies of clipping & transcription of article re wedding of Addie Polier to Abe Cohen in 1896. Photocopy of photo of Addie Polier and Abe Cohen on their wedding day. Photocopy of flyer re Adath Yeshurun's 75th anniversary. Photocopy of photos of Bettye Rabinowitz and Michael Danish on their wedding day in 1964. Photocopy of photo of Minnie Cohen Danish and Josef Pierre Danish, 1964. Photocopy of letter with family history from Nelson Danish to Kay Lawrence of the Aiken County Rambler. Email between Laz Schneider and Mort Persky re David Polier.
AikenPolier; SuraskySurasky FamilyWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopies of letters, clippings, program, certificate, and steamship receipt.
AikenPersky; SuraskySurasky FamilyMordecai Persky8/2004Photocopies of pages from a scrapbook and photo album belonging to Esther Surasky Persky, dated 1922.
AikenPersky; SuraskySurasky FamilyMordecai Persky8/2004Photocopies of pages from a scrapbook and photo album belonging to Esther Surasky Persky, dated 1922.
AikenPersky; SuraskySurasky FamilyMordecai Persky8/2004Photocopies of pages from a scrapbook and photo album belonging to Esther Surasky Persky, dated c. 1925.
AikenSuraskyAbraham SuraskyTom Johnson; Stephen Surasky3/13/1999; 5/4/1996Photocopies of clippings and transcripts of affidavits pertaining to the murder of Abraham Surasky. Photocopy of inspection card.
AikenShanker; KatzensteinShanker Family; Katzenstein FamilySondra Shanker KatzensteinFall 2014"Recollections of Growing Up in Aiken, South Carolina," draft written by Sondra Shanker Katzenstein for Jewish Historical Society of SC's Fall 2014 publication.
AikenSurasky; Tropp; Pinck; Rubin; Sneider Rose Rubin; Mandle Surasky; Mina Surasky Tropp; Esther Surasky Pinck; Ruth B. Sneider Nelson Danish 11/2014Photocopies of clippings.
AikenPersky; SuraskySurasky FamilyMordecai Persky8/2004Photocopies of pages from a scrapbook and photo album belonging to Esther Surasky Persky, dated 1912 to 1918.
AikenSurasky; TroppMina Surasky TroppWinthrop University Library Archives10/19/1999Photocopy of transcript of interview with Mina Tropp, conducted by Arnold Shankman on March 1, 1979. Photocopies of clippings and poems by Mina Tropp.
AllendaleAllendale JewsSura Wolff Wengrow3/2007Photocopy of notes containing Sura Wengrow's recollections of Jewish families in Allendale.
AndersonTemple B'nai IsraelJoseph Wachter10/20/18Photocopies of newspaper clippings dated 1911 regarding founding of the Orthodox congregation B'Nai Israel.
AndersonTemple B'nai Israel6/14/1998Brochures, newsletters, and clippings regarding Temple B'nai Tsrael's 50th anniversary.
AndersonTemple B'nai Israel6/14/1998Correspondence pertaining to Temple B'nai Israel's 50th anniversary. Dale Rosengarten's research notes.
AndersonBernRonald L. Bern; Jewish Literature; Anderson Jews6/13/1998Transcript of speech delivered by Ronald L. Bern at Temple B'nai Israel's 50th anniversary. Essay, "Utilizing the Southern Jewish Experience in Literature," by Bern. "The Bar Mitzvah," an excerpt from Bern's The Legacy in Jewish Digest .
AndersonDraisenDraisen FamilyFamily history and genealogical information. Clipping.
AndersonDraisen; PoliakoffPoliakoff Family7/2010Photocopy of memoir, "Our Origins," by Sara Helena Herman Feen. Photocopies of genealogical information.
AndersonFleishman Fleishman FamilyAlvin Fleishman2/25/1997Scrapbook containing family history.
AndersonGeisberg; LesserGeisberg FamilyCaroline Geisberg Funkenstein 2/25/1997Photocopy and transcription of letter from Oscar Geisberg to his daughter Minnie, dated April 1912. Photocopy of clipping.
AndersonKaplan; LenderJoyce Kaplan Lender6/1998Memoir by Joyce Kaplan Lender, entitled "Remembrance and Reminiscence."
AndersonPoliakoffPoliakoff FamilyGary Poliakoff 5/29/2001Photocopies of immigration and naturalization documents relating to Sam and Rachel Poliakoff. Copy photographs. Genealogical information.
AndersonRosenblumRosenblum FamilySandra Lee Rosenblum10/28/1997Photocopies of clippings and genealogical information.
AndersonRosenblumRaymond Rosenblum; Temple B'nai Israel6/13/1998Transcript of talk delivered on June 13, 1998 by Raymond Rosenblum at Temple B 'nai Israel's 50th anniversary.
AndersonSiegelSiegel FamilySam Siegel11/17/1997Photocopy of scrapbook compiled by Sam Siegel between 1930 and 1933.
AndersonSiegelSiegel FamilyFrances Levy Siegel11/17/1997Photocopy of scrapbook compiled by Frances Levy Siegel between 1986 and 1993.
AndrewsDanzig; SternStern and Danzig FamiliesAlwyn Goldstein9/24/1996Photocopies of clippings.
AndrewsMoskowJerome MoskowAlwyn Goldstein1996Photocopies of clippings.
BeaufortKeyserlingKeyserling Family; Beaufort JewsEssay, "The Jews of Beaufort: Recollections of Herbert Keyserling," by Herbert Keyserling. Photocopies of clippings regarding Herbert and Harriet Keyserling. Booklet, Memories of Leon H. Keyserling , containing reprints of eulogies, letters, and obituaries.
BeaufortLevin Levin Family; ImmigrationTeri Levin5/4/2007; 2/10/1997Photocopy of essay, "A History of the Levin Family," by Pauline Levin. Photocopies of photographs, wedding invitation, and pages from address book; letters in English and Yiddish; and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) notice in Hebrew.
BeaufortLevin Julian LevinPhotocopy of transcript of presentation delivered by Levin in 1995, concerning his childhood in Beaufort. Photocopies of clippings.
BeaufortLevin; ScheinJulian Levin; Levin family; Schein familyAnne L. Norton9/19/2017Memoirs, by Julian S. Levin, a transcription of stories about his family and his life, dictated by Levin in 2014 and 2015, before his death in September 2015.
BeaufortLipsitzLipsitz family9/03/2001Photocopies of clippings.
BeaufortBeaufort Jews Photocopies of clippings. Reseach notes on Beth Israel Cemetery.
BeaufortBeaufort Jews; Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Essay, "Beaufort in Context: The Jewish History of Small-Town America," by Lee Shai Weissbach. Photocopies of brochure and minutes for JHSSC meeting held on the occasion of Beth Israel's 100th anniversary. Dale Rosengarten's notes.
BeaufortBeaufort Jews Photocopies of clippings. Research notes on Beth Israel Cemetery.
BeaufortGoldberg; Keyserling; Levin; Lipsitz; Lipson; Lipton; Mark; Pollitzer; SchoenbergBeaufort Jews Booklet, Beaufort Family Histories: Downtown Beaufort as a Classroom, compiled by Lady's Island Middle School students in 1997.
BeaufortGoldberg; Keyserling; Levin; Lipsitz; Mark; Pollitzer; Schoenberg. Beaufort Jews Margaret Rushton9/12/1997Transcripts of interviews with Henry Chambers, Rose Mark, Joseph Lipsitz, William Keyserling, and Helen Levine Goldman, conducted for a Lady's Island Middle School project, "Downtown Beaufort as a Classroom," in 1997. Photocopies of letters and clippings.
BeaufortGreenly; Keyserling; LiptonBeaufort Jews; Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Michael Greenly; Thomas Keyserling; Joseph LiptonOutlines and transcripts of presentations delivered by Michael Greenly, Thomas Keyserling, and Joseph Lipton at a JHSSC meeting in October 1998.
BeaufortBeth IsraelPhotocopy of letter from Herbert Keyserling to Rabbi Samuel Berkowitz, dated July 1948, regarding the search for a Conservative rabbi for Beth Israel.
BeaufortBeth IsraelStanley Farbstein10/2003Transcription of certificate of incorporation. Photocopy of clipping concerning a confirmation ceremony in 1926.
BeaufortBeth IsraelRose Mark1/26/1997Transcription of essay, "Beth Israel Congregation Dedicated Synagogue."
BeaufortBeth Israel; Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Harvey TattelbaumTranscripts of speeches by Harvey Tattelbaum, entitled "Rabbinic Reminiscences of Beaufort, S.C., 1960-1962" and "Struggling, Growing, and Reaching New-Old Conclusions," delivered April 2-3, 2005, at the JHSSC meeting, held on the occasion of Beth Israel's 100th anniversary.
BeaufortJewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Brochures, programs, and Dale Rosengarten's notes pertaining to the JHSSC meeting held October 23 to 25, 1998.
BeaufortHistoric marker dedication; Beaufort JewsDale Rosengarten1/2014Invitation, program, and text of speech given by Rosengarten at the January 12, 2014 dedication of a marker commemorating Jewish history in Beaufort.
BeaufortFarbstein; GetzFarbstein and Getz FamiliesStanley Farbstein4/11/1995Photocopies of checks, letters, clippings, certificates, and photographs. Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
BeaufortLipsitzLipsitz familyLucille Bass Lipsitz2/09/1997Eulogy for Bertha Lipsitz, composed by Rabbi Julius Fisher in April 1956. Photocopy of letter written by Rabbi Fisher and his wife, dated December 1964.
BeaufortLiptonJoseph Lipton; Holocaust MemorialJoseph Lipton; Dale Rosengarten1997; 2000; 2001; 2015Letters from Lipton to curator (2015). Photocopies of letters from Lipton to JHC staff/curator between 1997 and 2001 (originals in Special Collections, Mss 1065-012). Photocopy of family photo in the Old Country with IDs. Essay (7 pages): "God, Satan and the Holocaust, An Allegory," by Joe Lipton. Memoir (23 pages): "In My Father's Footsteps," by Joe Lipton (also found in his papers, donated to Special Collections).
BeaufortLiptonSam LiptonStanley Farbstein11/1999Photocopies of clippings from Beaufort Now & Then .
BeaufortMarkMark FamilyPhotocopies of letters composed in Yiddish by Joe Mark, with English translations.
BeaufortMoss; Mostowitz; Samelmick; SamsMostowitz FamilyJoel R. Rose11/02/2000Genealogical information.
BeaufortNeidichNeidich FamilyLucille S. Greenly11/07/1996Photocopy of letter from Ashley Hall, dated October 1959, denying admission to Sol and Evelyn Neidich's daughter Linda. Photocopies of obituaries for Sol Neidich.
BeaufortNeidichSol NeidichHelen Silver5/1999Photocopy of obituary printed in a Southern Jewish Historical Society newsletter in 1999.
BeaufortScheinMeyer ScheinPhotocopy of clipping.
BeaufortSchoenberg; Goldberg; PodrachickSchoenberg FamilyLucille S. Greenly6/03/1997Photocopies of family history.
BeaufortSchoenberg; GreenlySchoenberg and Greenly FamiliesLucille S. Greenly11/06/1996Photocopies of family history, marriage certificate, and letter composed in German, dated 1931.
Beaufort, ColumbiaSilber; CitronSilber FamilyBarbara Frank; Stanley Farbstein12/1997Photocopies of clippings and letters regarding Rabbi Jacob Silber and his wife, Esther. Donor/curator correspondence containing family history.
Beaufort, ColumbiaSilber; Citron; KleinCitron and Silber familiesJ.D. "Seth" Klein; Alyssa Neely2008-14Letters and photocopies of letters containing family history. Copy photographs.
Beaufort, Columbia, FlorenceSilber; CitronCitron and Silber familiesJ.D. "Seth" Klein11/2013Photocopies of photos, clippings, and genalogical records.
BeaufortSolomonsSolomons FamilyCarolyn Ramsay2/07/2001Donor/curator correspondence.
BeaufortWengrow; WolffWengrow FamilyPhotocopy of letter composed by Sura Wolff Wengrow, dated September 1998.
Bennettsville StraussSimon Strauss11/2003Photocopy of calling card.
Bishopville Bishopville JewsCorrespondence containing Joseph Stuckey, Jr.'s, recollections of Jewish families in Bishopville.
Bishopville Cahn; LevensonBishopville JewsElla Levenson Schlosburg5/1995Photocopies of clippings and images of memorial plaques and stones. List of Jewish families in Bishopville.
Bishopville Levy; Krasnoff; Levinson; Sindler; SlesingerBusinessesRachael B. Bradbury2009Photocopies of clippings and photograph. Donor/curator correspondence.
Bishopville GinsbergGinsberg FamilyFrances Bass Ginsberg5/1995Photocopies of clippings. Copy photographs.
Bishopville KareshRabbi David KareshElla Levenson SchlosburgPhotocopies of letters composed in Yiddish from David Karesh to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Levenson, with English translations.
Bishopville LevensonNettie Levenson; Jewish Food Ella Levenson SchlosburgPhotocopy of cookbook belonging to Nettie Levenson, with recipes in Yiddish and English.
Bishopville LevensonNettie Levenson; Jewish Food Ella Levenson SchlosburgPhotocopy of cookbook belonging to Nettie Levenson, with recipes in Yiddish and English.
Bishopville LevyMalisha Levy; Levy-Ness wedding, 1915Photocopies of clippings.
Bishopville SlesingerSlesinger FamilyGay SlesingerDonor/curator correspondence.
BlackvilleBrownBlackville JewsText of talk, "Allies or Adversaries? Jewish and Irish Immigrants in the New South," given by Marni Davis in October 2011 at the combined meeting of the Southern Jewish Historical Society and the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina in Columbia, SC.
BlackvilleBrownBrown FamilyMax Furchgott; Robert Rosen6/1995Photocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, genealogical information, and Confederate prisoner-of-war documents.
BlufftonUllmanAlbert and Harriet Ullman1998Photocopies of letters and clippings containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopy of transcript of interview with Albert Ullman, conducted by Harriet Meyerhoff in July 1997. Photographs and photocopies of photographs.
BranchvilleKaresh; Pearlstine; WengrowAugusta Harris and Jacob Karesh; Fanny PearlstineArnold WengrowJune 2019Henry Ray Wengrow's memories of Fanny Pearlstine. Phyllis Karesh Allen's memories of Augusta Harris and Jacob Karesh.
CamdenBaruchCamden JewsCamden Archives and Museum newsletter containing an article regarding the Baruch family, printed April 2001. Drafts of essay, "A Short History of Camden's Early Jews and the Hebrew Benevolent Association," by Dale Rosengarten and Sue Michalow. Photocopies of clippings.
CamdenBaruch; BaumCamden JewsCamden Historical Society ArchivePhotocopy of charter of the Camden Hebrew Benevolent Association, 1878. Photocopy of program for the joint confirmation service of Tree of Life Congregation of Columbia and Temple Beth El of Camden on Mary 28, 1944. Photocopies of clippings regarding Marcus Baum, as well as Simon and Bernard Baruch.
CamdenCamden JewsMarlene Mischner5/04/2003Essay entitled "Jewish Life in Camden." Essay by Will Mischner regarding religious adversity. Photocopies of clippings concerning Temple Beth-El. Photocopy of plat of Beth El Cemetery.
CamdenSchlosburg; SindlerCamden JewsNotes from interviews with Allan and Sophie Sindler and with Ella Schlosburg. Brochures, newsletter, and photocopies of clippings.
CamdenHebrew Benevolent AssociationSol Breibart4/11/1995Essay by M. H. Heyman regarding the history of the Camden Hebrew Benevolent Association from 1877 to 1921.
CamdenBaruchSimon BaruchRobert Rosen11/1995Photocopy of essay, "Experiences as a Confederate Surgeon," by Simon Baruch. Photocopies of clippings.
CamdenBaruchBernard BaruchAlwyn Goldstein1/05/1999Photocopy of clipping.
Camden Baum Norman (Nikki) Baum; Temple Beth El Sisterhood Nikki Baum 5/1995Photocopies of newspaper clipping on Norman (Nikki) Baum and hand written documentation of the Temple Beth El Sisterhood, 1935-1938, written by Mrs. Bernard Harry Baum.
CamdenAronson; Block; RichBlock FamilyRhetta Aronson MendelsohnPhotocopies of pages from family books, inscribed with genealogical information.
CamdenBlock; Hirsch; Marks; RichBlock FamilyRosalie Marks Nachman via Rhetta Aronson Mendelsohn9/02/2005Photocopies of letters on Hirsch Bros. letterhead, dated 1899. Photocopies of letters containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopy of certificate of incorporation for Temple Sinai of Orangeburg. Donor/curator correspondence.
CamdenBlock; HirschBlock and Hirsch Families Dennis Aron2010Photocopies of photographs and genealogical information. Donor/curator correspondence.
CamdenLevyChapman Levy; Levy FamilyEdward Sanders2011Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and legal documents dated 1861 to 1865.
CamdenLevyChapman Levy; Levy FamilyEdward Sanders2011Donor/curator correspondence.
CamdenLevyBlack Levys of MississippiEdward Sanders2011Photocopies of death certificates and clippings.
CamdenLevyChapman Levy; Levy FamilyEdward Sanders2010Photocopies and transcriptions of wills, letters, and Freedmen's Bureau documents. Photocopies of clippings. Donor/curator correspondence.
Camden, Kingstree, Charleston Mischner, Berger, Wengrow; Pearlman; SchulmanThe Berger, Wengrow, Pearlman, Schulman, Mischner families. Marlene Pearlman Mischner05/1995Folder 1, Berger - Wengrow: photocopies of genealogical information, correspondence, photographs, and a program from the Atlanta Philharmonic Society, dated May 3, 1939. Folder 2, Pearlman: photocopies of newspaper clippings and genealogical information. Folder 3, Schulman: photocopies of genealogical information on the following families Karp, Panther, Mischner, and Pearlman, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a photocopy of Sam Schulman's United States of America Petition for Naturalization, dated 1917; Folder 4, Mischner: photocopies of newspaper clippings, marriage contract in Hebrew, citizenship document for Jacob Mischner, dated 1903, and citizenship document for Shoel Panter, and photocopies of photographs, photocopy of United States Lines Affidavit of Support for Samuel Mischner.
Camden; Aiken Sindler; Payeff; Efron; SuraskyAllan Sindler; Surasky and Efron familiesSophie Payeff Sindler and Allan Sindler 05/1995Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and genealogical information.
CharlestonAddlestone Hebrew AcademyKatie Bielsky11/1997Booklet entitled Addlestone Hebrew Academy: Celebrating Forty Years of Excellence, 1956 to 1996 -- Honoring Mrs. Mordenai Hirsch and Mrs. Judy Rephan and CHI/AHA Alumni, June 1, 1997 . Newsletter printed December 1979. Photocopies of clippings.
Charleston Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) Alwyn Goldstein10/1998Photocopies of clippings from AZA member handbook belonging to Alwyn Goldstein.
Charleston AntisemitismPhotocopies of clippings.
Charleston Armed ServicesCharlot Karesh9/1995Photocopies of clippings regarding Charleston Jews in the armed services during the Second World War.
Charleston ArtsPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonB'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO)Photocopy of letter pertaining to fundraising for BBYO.
Charleston Bentschner; Blustein; Cohen; Jacobs; Karesh; Levy; Livingston; Lopez; Marks; Mordecai; Moses; Rothenberg; Rugeley; Sasportas; TobiasBuildings William Reed7/2001; 2006Photocopies of clippings from city directories and census records concerning Jewish-owned houses and buildings, including Broad St. Guest House, Marks Department Store, Mordecai House, 245 King St., and 82 Church St.
Charleston Berlin; Birlant; Bluestein; Cohen; Dumas; Ellison; Ginsberg; Goldberg; Goldstein; Karesh; Kirshstein; Krawcheck; Lazarus; Mendelson; Reichel; SokolBusinessesTom Johnson; Sol Breibart2/1998; 3/1998Photocopies of clippings concerning Jewish merchants. Reproduction of advertisement for Carvallo & Gutteres, April 1735. Mendelson's Jewelers polishing cloth.
Charleston Chabad of Charleston/Center for Jewish LifePhotocopies of clippings. Chabad's building campaign brochure for the Charleston Center for Jewish Life in Mount Pleasant. Magazine entitled "Charleston Kids: Live the Challenge."
Charleston Charleston County LibraryPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonCharleston Federation of Women's Clubs Photocopies of clippings concerning Jewish women belonging to the Charleston Federation of Women's Clubs.
Charleston Charleston Jewish FederationNewsletter entitled Charleston Jewish Journal , January 1999. Brochure and photocopies of clippings.
Charleston Civil RightsPhotocopies of clippings.
Charleston College of Charleston AlumniPhotocopies of clippings.
Charleston College of Charleston Jewish Studies Program Clippings and photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonCivil War; Confederate Memorial DayMaizie-Louise Rubin5/16/1998Program for the Charleston Confederate Memorial Day ceremony on May 9, 1998, containing a reference to Michael Kogan, who gave the memorial address.
CharlestonKahn; Krawcheck; Solomon; BerlinskyFoodPhotocopies of clippings.
Charleston Freemasonry; Friendship Lodge No. 9Daniel N. Loeb; Stella Pattel; Alwyn Goldstein; Herbert Goldberg1999; 2000; 2001Photocopy of the Friendship Lodge No. 9 commerative book concerning the organization's 125th anniversary, dated c. 1892. Photocopies of clippings containing references to the four Jewish founding members of Scottish Rite in Charleston. Booklet, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction USA , containing article entitled "Scottish Rite Plaque Honors Charleston Cemetery," August 1999.
Charleston Greater Carolinas Association of Rabbis Letter composed by Rabbi Edward M. Friedman.
Charleston HadassahNewsletters, pamphlets, and photocopies of clippings.
Charleston Hebrew Benevolent SocietyPhotocopies of clippings.
Charleston Hebrew Orphan SocietyPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonHibernian SocietyPhotocopy of clipping from Hibernian Society newsletter, dated November 2000.
Charleston HolidaysPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonImmigration; Charleston Jewish Welfare FundPhotocopies of clippings and letters regarding the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the Charleston Jewish Welfare Fund, and Jewish immigration to Charleston in the late 20th century.
CharlestonJewish Choral Society; College of Charleston Concert Choir and Madrigal SingersAnita Rosenberg3/2015Program for March 19, 2000 concert featuring the College of Charleston Concert Choir and Madrigal Singers in conjunction with the Jewish Choral Society, presenting Jewish choral music.
CharlestonJewish Community Center (JCC)Booklet, Golden Reflections: Looking Forward Through The Past , regarding the JCC's 50th anniversary in 1995. Photocopy of booklet, The Community Reflector , 1927. Brochures and photocopies of clippings.
Charleston Jewish Heritage Collection (JHC)Clippings and photocopies of clippings pertaining to the JHC and A Portion of the People .
Charleston Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)2018Photocopy of a clipping.
Charleston Kalushiner SocietyPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonLashKosher Restaurants and MarketsMenus, pamphlets, and fliers for West Side Market & Deli. Photocopies of clippings regarding Lash's Kosher Meat and Poultry Market, as well as West Side Market & Deli.
Charleston Miscellaneous; Bicentennial; Louis Shimel; Sidney Rittenberg; Maryville Neighborhood; College of CharlestonBooklet, Bicentennial Celebration: Charleston Jewish Community , published by the Bicentennial Committee in June 1951. Photocopy of booklet, The Source: A Guidebook to Jewish Life, Charleston, South Carolina , published 1993-1994. Photocopy of minutes from an 1885 College of Charleston board meeting regarding a decision to exempt Solomon Cohen from a Christianity course. Photocopies of correspondence regarding the attorneys representing Maryville, Louis Shimel and Sidney Rittenburg, in 1936. Photocopy of essay, "Succah Building For Dummies," by Isaac Jacobs. Photocopies of clippings, correspondence, and Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonNational Council of Jewish Women Janet Livingstain10/19/1998Photocopies of clippings. Invitation for a luncheon honoring Teresa Levy Livingstain.
CharlestonLevy; Mordecai; Cohen; HartNewspaper: The Charleston MercuryHarlan Greene2015Original Charleston Mercury dated February 28, 1856. Ads of interest include: D. J. & G. J. Levy, Southern Clothing Emporium, 288 King St. (includes large image of building exterior); 2. The Isabel: sail notice by Mordecai & Co., 110 East Bay St.; A. N. Cohen, Jr., Carolina Clothing Depot, 261 King St.: ad for collars; Slave sale ads by Louis DeSaussure & others; Samuel Hart, importer of foreign books, 300 King St.: several ads selling books; P. M. Cohen & Co.: mentioned in a drug ad.
Charleston OrganizationsWashington's Birthday Ball , booklet published February 1938 and sponsored by the Charleston Hebrew School and Charleston chapter of Aleph Zadik Aleph, containing information on Jewish organizations.
CharlestonOrphan HouseCharleston County Public LibraryPhotocopies of letters, ca. 1824.
CharlestonPearlstine; LipovPearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish CulturePhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonPolitics Photocopies of letters regarding endorsements of political candidates for local office in 1998.
CharlestonRace Relations; Kiawah IslandPhotocopy of article,"The Blacks, the Jews, and the Bird-Lovers," regarding Jewish and African American responses to the development of Kiawah Island, printed in the New Yorker on May 12, 1975.
CharlestonSt. Philip Street "Rewisited"Fannie Appel Rones11/1997Photocopy of letter from Fannie Rones to Charles Kuralt. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonAckermanSouth Windermere Subdivision and Shopping Center Rosemary MichaudOctober 2019College paper written for Urban History class by Rosemary Michaud ca. 1994. Topic is suburbanization with focus on development of South Windermere Subdivision and Shopping Center in Charleston.
CharlestonAaronsonBeatrice AaronsonPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonAckermanWilliam AckermanClippings and photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonAddlestoneAddlestone FamilyNathan S. Addlestone3/1996Photocopies of clippings containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonAddlestone; ZippersteinAddlestone and Zipperstein Families Marlene Zipperstein Photocopies of clipping, photograph, family memoir, and genealogical information.
CharlestonAgrestAgrest FamilyPhotocopies of clipppings in French, Russian, and English.
CharlestonAlexander; Allison; Moses; ShanksDrew and Liz AlexanderJudith Shanks4/08/1999Wedding program for Drew and Liz Alexander, containing family history.
CharlestonAltermanElza AltermanPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonAltmanDora AtlmanDale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonAppel; GoldbergAppel and Goldberg FamiliesSam Appel; Fannie Appel RonesPhotocopies of passport, clippings, marriage license, birth certificates, and naturalization record.
CharlestonAppelSam AppelSam Appel12/1995Photocopies of articles by Sam Appel regarding his family's holiday traditions for the Jewish Georgian . Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonAshim; Jacobi; Goldstein (Gilbert)Ashim and Jacobi FamiliesBarry Gilbert9/2013Personal note written by Barry Gilbert regarding family history from Charleston to Virginia City, Nevada, to San Francisco.
CharlestonBanovBanov FamilyCharles Banov; Nancy Banov3/11/2003Photocopy of letter composed by Benjamin Levine expressing gratitude for an unidentified member of the Banov family who provided Levine bail money in Kingstree in 1926.
CharlestonBanovLeon Banov, Jr.; Banov FamilyLeon Banov, Jr.6/2000Photocopies of clippings containing biographical and genealogical information.
CharlestonBanovLeon Banov, Sr.; Charleston County Health DepartmentPhotocopies of articles by Leon Banov, Sr., regarding vacationing at Charleston's beaches and the Charleston County Health Department.
Charleston BanovBanov FamilyRuth Bass Jacobs8/23/1995Clipping and photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonBanovNancy BanovPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonBerkman; PearlstineLena Pearlstine Berkman 1999Essay, "The Biography of Lena Pearlstine Berkman," by Merrill Kassan (student paper). Photocopies of photograph, genealogical information, and clippings from a journal belonging to Berkman.
CharlestonBerlinBerlin FamilyPhotocopies of clippings. Menu for Jestine's Kitchen.
CharlestonBerlinPhillip BerlinDaniel Billen11/05/2001Photocopy of journal composed by Phillip Berlin. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonBerlinsky Berlinksy FamilyNorman Berlinsky11/29/2016Photocopies of clippings, immigration documents, genealogy, photographs, Norman Berlinsky's army documents, and student reports about Berle Manufacturing Co.
CharlestonBielskySam Bielsky Ruth Bass Jacobs8/25/1995Photocopy of partial transcript of talk given by Sam Bielsky at Addlestone Hebrew Academy regarding his childhood in Charleston.
CharlestonBlasErika Stockfleth Blas; Harry Blas; Robert MilaniSandra Rosenblum2018Narrative written by Robert Milani, son-in-law of Erika Stockfleth Blas and her husband, Harry Blas, dated January 18, 2015. Includes mention of the the Blas's property/business at 286-288 King Street, Charleston; Harry's experiences as a Holocaust survivor; Robert's view of Harry; and why Harry inspired Robert.
CharlestonBluesteinEttaleah BluesteinPhotocopy of clipping.
Charleston Bluestein Bluestein Family Laz Schneider3/2000Photocopy of family history and genealogical information, compiled by Joseph Clein.
CharlestonBreibart Breibart FamilyPhotocopies of memoirs, clippings, and genealogical information. Printouts of the online family newsletter, The Geechee Courier.
CharlestonChaplinJerri Chaplin; PoetryJerri Chaplin2/1997Photocopies of poems by Jerri Chaplin. Program for the 19th Annual National Association for Poetry Therapy in May 1999. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonChaseChase Family6/2001Undergraduate student report containing family history and information on the Chase Furniture Company. Letter composed by Joseph Chase containing family history. Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
CharlestonChaseLeah H. Chase"Georgia Jewish: Memories of a Southern Jewish Girlhood," article by Leah H. Chase in The Reporter, fall 1995. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonChepenikEileen ChepenikPhotocopy of essay, "My Yiddish Grandma," by Doris Feigenbaum Feinberg.
CharlestonCohenCohen FamilyMargaret Ellickson Senturia6/05/2002Photocopies of plat, wills, clippings, and conveyances relating to Mordecai and David Cohen.
CharlestonBaruch; Baum; CohenCohen, Baruch, and Baum FamiliesCharles WhiteheadGenealogical information. Photocopies of correspondence.
CharlestonClein; Coleman; KalmonovitchColeman, Clein, and Kalmonovitch FamiliesJack Berry11/29/2000Photocopies of family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonColemanEve ColemanPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonCohen; DoudIsabel Cohen DoudTed Phillips2/1996Photocopies of letters and clippings.
CharlestonCohen; DoudIsabel Cohen DoudPhotocopy of essay,"Circumstances," by Isabel Cohen, June 1885.
CharlestonDumasDumas FamilyPhotocopy of clipping. Elisabeth Turner's Research Journal (note: additional info, such as images of documents and photographs, is available from Elisabeth's genealogy research in our electronic vertical files).
CharlestonEllison; BerlinEllison and Berlin FamiliesMenu for Jestine's Kitchen. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonFloranceFlorance Family8/2005Photocopies of correspondence.
CharlestonFox Otto Fox, Sarah Mendelson Fox; Maurice Fox; Harold Fox5/1999; June 2019Photocopies of clippings. Photocopy of Rabbi David Radinsky's 1997 eulogy for Sarah Mendelson Fox. Photocopy of April 23, 1958 Congressional Record Appendix page with Rep. Mendel Rivers' announcement about Otto Fox receiving an award from Brand Names Foundation.
CharlestonFreudenbergFreudenberg FamilyGenealogy from Larry Freudenberg. Booklet from Carolee Fox.Booklet: 1/28/1997Booklet, While you are in England: Helpful Information and Guidance for Every Refugee , issued by the German Jewish Aid Committee. Photocopies of clipping and genealogical information.
CharlestonFreudenbergFreudenberg Family2007Draft of essay, Freudenberg Family of Charleston, 1697-2007 , by Larry W. Freudenberg.
CharlestonElias; FreudenbergFreudenberg and Elias FamiliesPhotocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, and genealogical information.
CharlestonFriedmanFriedman FamilyRabbi Edward M. Friedman5/28/1998Photocopies of clippings and genealogical information.
CharlestonFrischFrisch Family3/05/2009Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonFrombergFromberg FamilyMark Cohen 11/2005Letter from Mark Cohen to Dale Rosengarten, dated November 2005.
CharlestonFurchgott Furchgott Family Max Furchgott6/1995Photocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, family history, naturalization records, and genealogical information. Photocopy of invoice for Furchgott, Benedict & Co.
CharlestonFurchgott Furchgott FamilyPhotocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, family history, and genealogical information. Correspondence from David Furchgott to Dale Rosengarten concerning the Furchgott family stores in Charleston and Jacksonville, FL. "Furchgott Family: Places of Interest in Charleston," compiled by Alison Walsh, provided by David Furchgott.
CharlestonFurchgott Max Furchgott Dale Dreyfoos; Max Furchgott7/1995Postcard publicizing the exhibit Celebrating a Life in Art: Max Furchgott at the Halsey Gallery in August 1999. Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
CharlestonFurchgott Furchgott Family6/1995Photocopy of Furchgott family album containing clippings, photographs, and genealogical information.
CharlestonFurchgott; Foote; PinkussohnFurchgott, Foote, and Pinkussohn FamiliesDale Dreyfoos7/1995Photocopies of letter, clippings, photographs, and genealogical information.
CharlestonGinsbergIsaac GinsbergNorman J. Arnold1/1996Photocopy of letter composed by Isaac Ginsberg, in August 1938, concerning the Hebrew School. Photocopy of naturalization certificate.
CharlestonGoldbergHerbert and Helen GoldbergMordecai Hirsch12/2000Booklet pertaining to Herbert and Helen Goldberg's 50th wedding anniversay.
CharlestonGoldbergHerbert GoldbergHerbert Goldberg12/2017A DVD of a book written about the USS Menifee, photocopies of newspaper clippings, family papers, documents on the South Carolina Masonic Association in Charleston, correspondence, speeches written by Herbert Goldberg, a handwritten document, Life and Times of Herbert S. Goldberg, as well as the cover page for a book made by Herbert's son that has been scanned to PDF and is available upon request. The book includes documents and photos related to Herbert Goldberg’s time as a track athlete at the University of North Carolina. Also included are newspaper clippings, a short bio, and documents and photos related to various aspects of Herbert Goldberg’s life.
CharlestonGoldbergJoan Goldberg Sarnoff5/11/2004Photocopy of clipping.
CharlestonGoldbergSonny GoldbergPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonGoldberg; GrauerGoldman and Grauer FamiliesSandra Grauer3/20/2012Photocopies of clippings, photographs, family history, and genealogical information. Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonGoldsmith Isaac and Mikell GoldsmithJeffrey Oppenheim 1/2002Reseach notes compiled by donor, including transcriptions of tombstones and obituaries from August 1862 and August 1864.
CharlestonGoldsmith; SamsonGoldsmith and Samson FamiliesSue Leavesley9/17/2013"Chronology for Samson and Goldsmith Families in Charleston, SC" and census information
CharlestonGoldsteinAlwyn Goldstein; Goldstein Family; 538 King St.Alwyn Goldstein; Roz Goldstein GreensponPhotocopies of clippings, invitation to Alwyn's circumcision, and Alwyn's birth certificate.
CharlestonHamer; HarrisonHamer and Harrison FamiliesCaroline Byng1998Letters from Caroline Byng to Dale Rosengarten, dated 1998.
Charleston Harby; DeLitchfield; Tobias; Moise; Levy; HyamsHarby Burial Grounhd, Hanover Street, Charleston2015Photocopy of a transcription of a list of names of people buried in the Harby Burial Ground. Photocopies of transcriptions of correspondence between Caroline DeLitchfield Harby of Sumter, Henry Hyams of New Orleans, and Philip Wineman, President of Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim in Charleston, dated 1868, 1871, 1872, 1877. First page states: "Copies of papers in the possession of Miss Katherine Moses, 14 So. Washington Street, Sumter, South Carolina."
Charleston HirschBetty HirschBetty Hirsch LancerFebruary 2019Photocopies of birth entries and newspaper clippings from the 1930 and '40s about Betty Hirsch provided by Charleston County Public Library in 2017.
CharlestonHoffman; Blumauer Hoffman and Blumauer FamiliesDavid Zinner8/22/2004Correspondence from David Zinner to Dale Rosengarten.
CharlestonHornikMarion HornickHelen Silner5/1999Obituary for a Southern Jewish Historical Society newsletter.
CharlestonHyams; PolockHyams and Polock FamiliesJean Murray2003Donor/curator correspondence containing genealogical information.
CharlestonHymanHyman FamilyPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonHymes (Hyams); PrinceHymes (Hyams) and Prince FamiliesPhotocopy of essay, "Last Will and Testament: Unraveling the Hymes-Prince Family of South Carolina," in Roots-Key: Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society , summer/fall 2005.
Charleston Jacobosky; Altman; Friedburg; GaeserJacobosky, Friedburg, Gaeser, and Altman FamiliesPhotocopies of family histories. See Special Collections MSS 1011.
CharlestonJacobs (Karesh); PearlstineJacobs (Karesh) and Pearlstine FamiliesPhotocopies of clippings, photographs, family history, and genealogical information.
CharlestonJacobsSamuel Jacobs"Abstract of interview with Mr. Samuel Jacobs" by Helen Silver, dated February 1988.
CharlestonFass; Jacobowsky; Lesser; Liebman Jacobowsky, Fass, Lesser, and Liebman FamiliesJoseph Weintrob; Irene Weintrob6/27/1997Photocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, family history, genealogical information, and Confederate document.
CharlestonJosephIsrael JosephSol Breibart10/2001Photocopy of transcription of will.
CharlestonJosephJacob Judah JosephFrank Cammans4/02/2003Photocopy of clipping containing biographical information.
CharlestonKahn; Levy Kahn and Levy FamiliesPhotocopies of clippings from city directories and photograph of Kahn grocery store.
CharlestonKalinsky; FriedmanJake and Minnie KalinskyEthel Kalinsky; Adrian Kremer5/07/1997Photocopy of certificate, entitled "Return of a Marriage," dated 1921.
CharlestonKareshKaresh extended familyFern Karesh Hurst11/09/2016Karesh family tree
CharlestonKareshKaresh FamilyCharlot Karesh; Stanley Karesh9/1995Photocopies of clipping and letter composed by Charlot and Stanley Karesh, dated October 1989, regarding the impact of Hurricane Hugo.
CharlestonKareshKaresh FamilyBarbara Karesh Stender 6/1995Photocopies of clippings and memoirs.
CharlestonKaresh; Banov; Barshay Karesh, Banov, and Barshay; Uptown Sample Shoe StoreCharlot Marks Karesh and Fern Karesh Hurst3/2017Photocopy of letter composed by Abel Banov on January 20, 1991.
CharlestonKaresh; Jacobs; LevkoffKaresh Family Genealogy Laz Schneider10/1999Correspondence from Laz Schneider to Dale Rosengarten.
CharlestonKaresh; FurchgottRoslyn Furchgott Karesh6/1995Photocopies of clippings and memoirs.
CharlestonKasmanKasman Family.2008Photocopy of clipping.
CharlestonKipnisKipnis FamilyPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonKirshtein (Kirshstein)Kirshstein (Kirshtein) FamilyRuth Bass Jacobs8/23/1995Photocopies of clippings and genealogical information.
CharlestonCohen; Kirshtein; Kohn; MiedzyrzeckiKohn, Cohen, and Kirshtein FamiliesWarren A. Kohn9/15/2000Photocopies of Polish passport and marriage certificate, immigration and naturalization records, and genealogical information. Copy photograph of tombstone of Miriam and Isaac Cohen. Donor/curator correspodence.
CharlestonKohnDavid KohnPhotocopy of bookplate.
CharlestonKrawcheckKrawcheck FamilyPhotocopies of clippings regarding the family's clothing store. Clipping with advertisement for Max's Men's Store, dated April 1963.
CharlestonKronsbergMacey KronsbergPeggy K. Pearlstein2/10/2004Photocopies of letters written by Macey Kronsberg, dated August 1946, regarding his trip to Eretz Israel. Photocopies of photographs.
CharlestonKronsbergKronsberg Family; Edward's Department StorePhotocopy of letter, dated July 1955. Photocopies of clippings concerning Edward's Department Store.
CharlestonKronsbergKronsberg Family; Edward's Department StorePhotocopy of letter, dated July 1955. Photocopies of clippings concerning Edward's Department Store.
CharlestonKronsberg, Barth, and Strauss Families Henry C. Strauss Family Letters, German records of birth Frederica W. Kronsberg 11/19/1996Photocopies of Henry C. Strauss Family Letters, German records of birth for Salomon Barth 1820, Regina Barth 1866, Magdalena Levy 1821.
CharlestonKronsberg, Barth Barth Family Frederica W. Kronsberg Photocopies of family history entilted Just In The Family, a history of the Barth family written by Fannie 09/12/1970.
CharlestonBarth, Kronsberg, WeinbergKronsberg, Weinberg, and Barth FamiliesAlbum of Frederica W. Kronsberg Photocopies of German documents, correspondences in German and English, genealogical information, certificate of marriage for Abraham Weinberg and Johanna Barth, certificate of citizenship to the United States for Abraham Weinberg and his wife and four childern, naturalization paperwork for Abraham Weinberg, Samuel Weinberg, Dora Barth, photographs, newspaper clippings, photocopies of Since 1749 ... The Story of KK Beth Elohim of Charleston S.C,and a chapter from the book Christianity's Debt to Judaism: Why Not Ackknowldge It? Photocopies of documents concerning Temple House of Israel, Staunton, VA.
CharlestonKronsbergKronsberg and Jacobson Families Album of Frederica W. Kronsberg 12/3/1996Photocopies of photographs, the first annual Jacobson family reunion, Portsmouth Virginia, 02/19,20,21,/1954, correspondences, Talith and Tefillen Certificate for Milton Kronsberg, 1978-79, Certificate of Honor for Milton Kronsberg, newspaper clippings and a photocopy of History of the Jews in Staunton, VA; written by Jannie B. Strauss, 1970
CharlestonKronsbergEdward Kronsberg; Avram Kronsberg; Mary Mazo; Dot Friedman; Retail Merchants AssociationJonathan Kronsberg2018Photocopies of clippings about Edward Kronsberg, Avram Kronsberg, a 1924 party given for Mary Mazo and Dot Friedman, the Retail Merchants Association.
CharlestonLabattLabatt FamilyHenry G. Simon and Weir Labatt, III12/2005 and Sept. 2016Photocopies of clippings and letters containing family history and genealogical information. Color photocopies of photographs. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonLashLash Family; Kosher Restaurants and MarketsSandra Lee Rosenblum; Sue Grossman10/1996; May 2017Photocopies of letter, certificates, and clippings relating to the Lash's kosher meat market. Newsletter, Brith Sholom Beth Israel Messesnger , printed March/April 2003. Correspondence from family member Sue Grossman regarding Al Lash. Photocopy of photo of Benny Lashinsky, Al's father, and Benny's sister Esther.
CharlestonLazarusHerman LazarusPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonLazarusM. LazarusKlyde Robinson11/02/1997Photocopy of marriage contract of M. Lazarus, 1838, in Hebrew with an English translation.
CharlestonLehrmanLehrman FamilyAdam H. Rosen4/10/1995Photocopies of clippings, naturalization records, and death certificates relating to Philip and Samuel Lehrman.
CharlestonLesserLesser FamilyPhotocopy of clipping regarding the Lesser family business.
CharlestonLevin Levin Family2/2002Correspondence from Barbara Levin to Dale Rosengarten.
CharlestonLevin Lewis Charles LevinRobert Rosen11/1995Photocopy of clipping.
CharlestonLevin Samuel LevinMitzi L. Kirshtein2001Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonLevine (Levin)Rabbi Hirsch LevineMichael Kogan10/7/1997; 5/2000Photocopies of clippings and letters containing biographical information. Photocopies of Brith Sholom Beth Israel newsletters, December 1998 and July/August 2000. Photocopies of clippings from city directories from 1866 to 1868. Photocopies of lists of Beth Israel presidents and Brith Sholom presidents.
CharlestonLevine (Levin)Rabbi Hirsch LevineCorrespondence among Carol Kaminsky, Michael Kogan, and Dale Rosengarten.
CharlestonLevine (Levin)Rabbi Hirsch LevineEva L. Milbouer10/1995Photocopies of clippings from Dare To Be Different by Alexandre Lee Levin. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonLevine (Levin)Rabbi Hirsch Levine NotebookPhotocopies of notebook belonging to Rabbi Levine. Photocopies of English translations of pages 46 and 47 of notebook.
CharlestonLevine (Levin)Rabbi Hirsch Levine NotebookCorrespondence among Dale Rosengarten, Carol Kaminsky, and Marlene Znoy.
CharlestonLevine (Levin); Winstock Rabbi Hirsch Levine; Winstock FamilyPhotocopies of clippings from The Waking Heart by Rabbi Herman H. Rubenovitz and Mignon L. Rubenovitz. Photocopies of clippings from Altars of My Fathers by Mignon L. Rubenovitz. Photocopies of Brith Sholom Beth Israel newsletters, December 1999 and July/August 2000. Photocopies of letters containing family history.
CharlestonLevinsonLevinson FamilyLetter from James Levinson to Dale Rosengarten regarding Sarah Cohen Levinson. Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Louis L. Levinson. Photocopies of clippings from a notebook and calendar belonging to Louis L. Levinson.
CharlestonLevkoffLevkoff FamilyLaz Schneider1999Donor/curator correspondence containing genealogical information.
CharlestonLevkoffLevkoff FamilyAlice F. Levkoff9/09/1996Photocopies of clippings concerning Dr. Abner and Alice Levkoff. Genealogical information.
CharlestonLewisohnLudwig Lewisohn10/1998Photocopies of letters, certificates, and clippings containing biographical information.
CharlestonLewisohnLudwig LewisohnPhotocopies of letters and clippings pertaining to the financing of Peter Wentworth's documentary on Ludwig Lewisohn, Write For Your Life: The Story of Ludwig Lewisohn . Photocopies of letters and clippings concerning other films produced by Peter Wentworth.
CharlestonLewisohnLudwig LewisohnScreenplay of American Exile: The Case of Ludwig Lewisohn .
CharlestonLewisohnLudwig Lewisohn2/1999Photocopy of Ludwig Lewisohn's " Books We Have Made: A History of Literature in South Carolina" from the News and Courier , 1903.
CharlestonLindenburgPeter and Nina LindenburgPhotocopy of clipping.
Charleston; St. Stephen; RidgelandLipman; Rittenberg; Krapf; Sanders; Liebstadt; Flaum; Livingstain; Pearlstine; Elfenbein; Rich; ReadLipman-Rittenberg extended family; Berkeley County merchantsDeborah Lipman Cohelin2002-2023JHSSC spring 2019 magazine with Deborah’s article, “Rails to Retail: Mercantile Pioneers in St. Stephens.” Donor correspondence with Special Collections staff that includes genealogy discoveries re Krapf and Rittenberg families. Photocopies of info re shootout in Berkeley County in 1930; Lipman House (hotel) in Ridgeland, SC; Solomon Lipman’s death certificate; newspaper clipping re Arthur N. Lipman in St. Stephen 1966, 1980; Arthur Rittenberg of Charleston death notice. Four copy photos with detailed IDs: Solomon Lipman; Teressa Krapf Lipman; Ida Sara Sanders Lipman, Max David Lipman, and their son, Wilfred E. Lipman, ca. 1928; Rachel Rittenberg Sanders and Deborah Lipman, mid-1950s. Krapf family history, Part 1 (Bavaria to Savannah). Photocopies of photos: St. Stephens’s first public grammar school for white children; portrait of donor’s great-great-grandfather Rabbi Wilhelm Meyer Krapf. Family trees/genealogy: descendants of Solomon Lipman; Wolf Rittenberg & Sarah Liebstadt with Samuel Oscar Rittenberg’s first (Eleanor Flaum) and second Sadie Bertha Livingstain Pearlstine) marriages; Henry Rittenberg’s descendants, compiled in 1974 by “Eckerd,” a descendant of Henry’s wife, Annie Elfenbein. Correspondence from Louise Rich of St. Stephen with info about herself and re St. Stephen, and members of the Rich, Read, and Lipman families, their stores and positions they held in town government. Photocopy of the court opinion, Lipman v. Atlantic Coast Line R. Co. and an excerpt from a law school hornbook regarding carrier liability, referencing the Lipman case. Photocopies of The Cerberus, an Ashley Hall magazine, 1917, 1918, with Corinne Rittenberg listed and appearing in photos.
CharlestonLipov; PearlstineLipov familyPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonLopezLopez Family2003Photocopy of essay, "Charles Town in 1764," edited by Thomas J. Tobias for South Carolina Historical Magazine .
CharlestonLubinLillie Goldstein LubinPhotocopies of clippings and photographs.
CharlestonMazoEarl MazoPhotocopies of letters by Earl Mazo. Photocopies of clippings, biographical information, etc., about Earl Mazo.
CharlestonMazoMazo familyJoseph Butwin; Harlan Greene; Dale RosengartenPhotocopies of miscellaneous information about the Mazos.
CharlestonMazo; BodneMary Mazo BodnePhotocopies of clippings about Mary Mazo Bodne as past owner of the Algonquin Hotel in New York City.
CharlestonMazoNorma MazoJoseph Butwin Nov 2004Color copy booklet of Norma Mazo's drawings titled "171 King Street." "Life and Letters: Keeping Cultural History in the Family," by Joseph Butwin. "Tevye on King Street: Charleston and the Translation of Sholom Aleichem," by Joseph Butwin.
CharlestonMeddinDoris Levkoff MeddinDoris Levkoff Meddin. Eulogies from Ray Greenberg, Alex Sanders, Rabbi Stephanie Alexander, Stuart Meddin, and Marisa Meddin.7/23/2002; May 2013Photocopies of letters, clippings, certificates, and photographs. Eulogies for Doris Meddin delivered by Dr. Ray Greenberg, Alex Sanders, Rabbi Stephanie Alexander, Stuart Meddin, and Marisa Meddin at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue on April 30, 2013.
CharlestonMoiseMoise FamilyAnita Moise Rosefield Rosenberg10/12/2009Photocopies of legal documents regarding the sale of Benjamin F. Moise's house at 79-81 Rutledge Avenue to Giovanni Sottile in April 1905.
CharlestonMoiseMoise FamilyAnita Moise Rosefield RosenbergNarrative by Anita Rosenberg for self-guided tour of Moise family homes and workplaces during the 1800s.
CharlestonMoise Moise FamilyCorrespondence regarding the Moise family reunion in Charleston in June 2004.
CharlestonMoise; Houston; Lopez; OttolenguiMoise, Ottolengui, Lopez, and Houston FamiliesPatricia H. Dreger2007Photocopies of clippings and letters containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonMordecaiMordecai FamilyNorma Pearlman8/05/2001Photocopies of photographs, family history, and genealogical information compiled November 1929.
CharlestonMordecaiM. C. MordecaiMr. and Mrs. James O'Neill4/11/2002Photocopy of circular calling for the annexation of Texas to the United States, May 1884, signed by M. C. Mordecai. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonMordecaiM. C. Mordecai; Medicine BoxCharleston Museum 2/03/2000Photocopy of the Charleston Museum's description of the contents of a medicine box belonging to M. C. Mordecai. Photocopies of clippings regarding 18th and 19th century medicinal and pharmeceutical practices.
CharlestonMoses; Alexander; Isaacks; Joseph; Kryn; Phillips Moses FamilyJudith Alexander Weil Shanks1998Photocopies of letters and documents composed in Hebrew containing genealogical information, with English translations composed by H. A. Alexander, Sr.
CharlestonMoses; HarbyIsaiah and Rebecca MosesJudith Alexander Weil Shanks4/04/1998Photocopies of wills, letters, clippings, census records, and genealogical information. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonMosesIsaiah and Rebecca Moses; The Oaks Plantation5/06/1998Photocopies of clippings concerning The Oaks, a plantation on Goose Creek that belonged to Isaiah and Rebecca Moses from 1813 to 1841. Postcard with image of The Oaks Plantation, ca. 1940. Southern Weddings magazine, printed spring 1998, containing an advertisement for The Oaks Plantation Athletic & Country Club. Brochure regarding The Oaks Plantation Athletic & Country Club.
CharlestonMosesOtto A. Moses; Phosphate IndustryMary MillerPhotocopies of reports published by the South Carolina Board of Phosphate Commisioners and by the South Carolina Inspector of Phosphates, dates ranging from 1872 to 1893. Photocopies of official bonds of the S.C. Inspector of Phosphates, dated 1872 to 1878.
CharlestonMosesRebecca MosesJudith Shanks1998Rebecca's Things: Momentos of Rebecca Phillip Moses, 1792-1872 , booklet compiled by Judith Shanks containing photocopies of letters and daybook entries composed by Rebecca Moses. Printouts from a website created by Judith Shanks regarding the slaves and personal items owned by Rebecca and Isaiah Moses.
Charleston; Atlanta; Montgomery Moses; Alexander; Isaacks; PhillipsMoses FamilyJudith Alexander Weil Shanks1998Photocopies of clippings and letters containing family history and genealogical information. Transcript of speech, "In Quest of the Promised Land: The Moses Family and The Southern Jewish Experience," delivered by Kenneth Libo.
CharlestonMosesIsaiah Moses; Rebecca Phillips Moses; Aaron Julian Moses; Otto Moses; Walter Florian; Moses descendantsBeverlee and Charles MarottoMay 2019Photocopy of Moses family history written by Aaron Julian Moses. Photocopies of letters written by Thomas Edison to/about Otto Moses. Photocopy of newspaper clipping about artists Walter Florian and J. Campbell Phillips.
CharlestonMyers (Meyers)Myers (Meyers) FamilyRuth Standiford9/08/1997Photocopies of photographs, marriage certificate, and genealogical information.
CharlestonNewRobert NewPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonNirenblattFlorence Mazo NirenblattArticle by Cynthia Kahn dated August 6, 1998, printed March 9, 1999 from ( Post & Courier newspaper).
CharlestonNovitBill NovitPhotocopy of letter from Bill Novit to the editor of the Post and Courier regarding an African-American youth rally in New York City in September 1998 and the history of Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.
CharlestonKatzen; ObermanOberman Family; Beth Israel Congregation; Jewish Community Center (JCC)7/17/1996JCC newsletters, Center Talk: Crossroads of the Community , April 15, 1964; May 1, 1954; and June 3, 1964. Photocopies of letters, clippings, invitations, certificates, and identification cards.
CharlestonObermanSandra ObermanPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonOlasovFaye OlasovPhotocopy of clipping.
CharlestonOxler Oxler Family7/2000Correspondence containing genealogical information.
Charleston; ColumbiaPatla; Kohn; WeilPatla and Weil familiesDale Rosengarten4/24/1995Notes transcribed from an April 24, 1995, interview conducted by Dale Rosengarten with Helen Weil Patla and Pauline Weil Kohn; edited by Pauline Kohn; revised February 1996 and December 2015.
CharlestonPearlstinePearlstine FamilyPhotocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, diary entries, Masonic records, census documents, and genealogical information.
CharlestonPearlstine; Cohen; Jacobs; Karesh; WengrowPearlstine FamilyMarilyn Fine; George ChaplinPhotocopies of wedding invitation and marriage contract between Shep and Sara Pearlstine. Photocopies of clippings from war ration book belonging to Sara Pearlstine in 1942. Photocopies of transcriptions of pages from diary of Lena Pearlstine Berkman. Research notes compiled by Marilyn Fine.
CharlestonPearlstineI. M. Pearlstine & SonsMary Ann P. Aberman8/09/2004Letter from Mary Anne Pearlstine Aberman, president of I. M. Pearlstine & Sons, to the Jewish Historical Society, dated August 9, 2004, explaining that I. M. Pearlstine & Sons and Pearlstine Distributors are distinct companies.
CharlestonPearlstineI. M. Pearlstine & SonsPhotocopies of clippings and photographs taken in 1938.
CharlestonPearlstinePearlstine Distributors 10/2003Public relations booklet. Photocopies of clippings.
Charleston;TennesseePearlstine; FelsenthalFelsenthal FamilyBetty Santandrea4/1994Photocopy of The Felsenthal Family by Cecilia Felsenthal.
CharlestonPearlstine; Pinkussohn; Foote; HarrisKivy Pearlstine; Rita Pinkussohn Pearlstine: Jerry Pinkussohn; Rachel Foote Pinkussohn; other members of the named familiesMatthew Clavel and Dale DreyfoosJune 2019Correspondence, dated from October 2, 2018 to December 2, 2018, between Matthew Clavel and his cousin Dale Dreyfoos.
CharlestonPhillipsPhilip Phillips Robert Rosen11/1995Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonPhillipsEugenia Levy PhillipsPhotocopy of essay, "Eugenia Levy Phillips: The Civil War Experiences of a Southern Jewish Woman," by Dan Phillips, in Jews of the South: Selected Essays from the Southern Jewish Historical Society .
CharlestonPinkussohnPinkussohn FamilyPhotocopy of letter from Eliza Weignes to Rebecca Pinkussohn DeWald, dated May 1907, describing the circumstances of DeWald's birth in 1865. Photocopy of Memminger School certificate, dated June 1880.
CharlestonPollitzerAnita PollitzerTranscript of interview with Alice Paul containing references to Anita Pollitzer. Finding aid for the Anita Pollitzer Papers at the South Caroliniana Library. Brochures from the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum containing titles of artwork and biographical information. Brochure from the McKissick Museum concerning Georgia O'Keeffe. Photocopies of clippings. Original magazine: Saturday Review of Literature, dated November 4, 1950, with article by Anita Pollitzer titled "That's Georgia," on page 41.
CharlestonPollitzerClara PollitzerWilliam Pollitzer 10/21/1999Photocopy of letter from Albert Einstein to Clara Pollitzer composed in German, dated August 1936.
Charleston; Beaufort PollitzerPollitzer ChildrenPhotocopies of census records pertaining to Beaufort in 1870. Photocopy of photograph of Moritz and Anna Pollitzer's children, including Gustave. Correspondence containing genealogical information.
CharlestonPollitzerPollitzer FamilySouth Carolina Historical Society via Karen BeidelPamphlet containing transcript of address delivered by Rabbi Barnett Elzas at the funeral of Gustave Pollitzer in September 1909. Photocopies of clippings concerning Carrie, Mabel, and Anita Pollitzer, as well as Georgia O'Keeffe. Finding aids for the Pollitzer Family Papers, South Carolina Historical Society.
CharlestonPollitzer Pollitzer FamilySouth Carolina Historical Society via William Pollitzer Photocopies of plats, wills, obituaries, property deeds, death certificates, and census documents. Photocopies of clippings and genealogical information. Pamphlet containing transcript of address delivered by Rabbi Barnett Elzas at the funeral of Gustave Pollitzer in September 1909. Donor/curator email correspondence.
CharlestonPollitzerPollitzer Sisters; Pollitzer FamilySouth Carolina Historical SocietyPhotocopies of clippings, certificates, invitations, photographs, report cards, and worksheets regarding the Pollitzer collections at the South Carolina Historical Society.
CharlestonPollitzerPollitzer Sisters; Pollitzer FamilyWilliam Pollitzer 2/18/1999; 9/1999Photocopy of inventory of items in Pollitzer house located at 5 Pitt St., compiled by Mabel Pollitzer in April 1976. Photocopy of appraisal by Colonial Antique Shop of items in Pollitzer house. Photographs of portraits of Clara Pollitzer. Photocopies of letters and clippings. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonPollitzer Pollitzer Sisters; Pollitzer FamilySouth Carolina Historical Society2/1999Research notes regarding objects belonging to the Pollitzer family, held at the South Carolina Historical Society, taken under consideration for A Portion of the People exhibit. Photocopies of letters.
CharlestonPollitzerPollitzer SistersGrant proposal and research notes for the project "Charleston Suffragists: The Pollitzer Sisters," submitted to the Humanities Council of South Carolina in 2004. Correspondence and photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonPollitzer Pollitzer SistersPhotocopies of clippings and letters. Finding aid for the Elsie Mary Hill Collection at the Vassar College Archives.
CharlestonPollitzerPollitzer SistersProgram and flier for "The Pollitzer Sisters: Charleston's Own Iron Jawed Angels," a dramatic reading held at the College of Charleston in March 2005. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonPoznanskiGustavus Poznanski; Gustavus Poznanski, Jr.Robert Rosen11/1995Essay, "The Rev. Gustavus Poznanski: First American Jewish Reform Minister," by Solomon Breibart, regarding Gustavus Poznanski's leadership at Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim from 1837 to 1850. Photocopies of clippings concerning the death of Gustavus Poznanski, Jr., a Confederate soldier, in 1842, from Where They Lie by Mel Young. Photocopies of clippings.
CharlestonRabinowitz; RavenElsa Rabinowitz RavenFannie Rones11/29/2000Letter from Elsa Raven to Fannie Rones regarding Raven's childhood on St. Phillip Street and involvement in the Charleston theater community. Resume and photocopies of clippings and photograph.
CharlestonRaisin and Lazarus Raisin and Lazarus Family Papers Mordenai R. Hirsch and Rachel Raisin Photocopies of genealogical information, correspondence, a letter entilted Ancestry of Jacob S. Raisin, documents in Hebrew, Rabbi Jacob S. Raisin remarks about Rabbi Wm. A. Rosenthall, April 23, 1982, newspaper clippings, Palmetto State Waltz sheet music.
CharlestonRaisin and Lazarus From the Scrapbook of Mordenai R. Hirsch Mordenai R. Hirsch and Rachel Raisin 02/1995Photocopies of newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence, Second Biennial of the Mid-Atlantic States of Conference National Council of Jewish Juniors 1940 program, 1937 and 1979 documents referring to the Dock Street Theatre.
CharlestonReadRead Family2002Essay, "Elegant Southern Jewish Lady," by Dianne D. Harbin concerning the Read family business. Genealogical information. Business card for Joseph Read, president of Read Bros. Photocopies of contact sheets.
Charleston; Moncks CornerReadRead FamilyLeah Read Barkowitz 2/05/1997Photocopy of essay, "The Read Family Trust," containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonReznikHyman and Rebecca ReznikPhyllis F. Hyman5/1996Photocopies of naturalization documents, dated 1927 and 1930.
CharlestonRichRich Family; Berith Shalom (Brith Sholom)2/2007Photocopies of clippings regarding the election of Berith Shalom (Brith Sholom) officers, including Phillip and L. Rich, in 1865 and 1868.
CharlestonRittenbergSam RittenbergHenry Rittenberg5/17/1998Correspondence containing the text of Henry Rittenberg's presentation regarding Sam Rittenberg, delivered at the Emanu-El minyan on May 17, 1998.
CharlestonRittenbergSam RittenbergPhotocopies of clippings.
CharlestonRobinsonRobinson FamilyKlyde RobinsonPhotocopies of clippings regarding the closing of Robinson's Bicycle Shop. The Citadel Magazine , printed spring 2000, containing an article concerning Klyde Robinson.
CharlestonRodriguesBenjamin A. RodriguesMelvin Ring6/10/2005Photocopy of essay, "The Story of Benjamin A. Rodrigues: The Greatest Oral Surgeon of the Antebellum South," by Malvin E. Ring, New York State Dental Journal , April 2004.
CharlestonRones; AppelFaye "Fannie" Appel Rones; slipcovers; interior designFannie Rones 10/1/2016Photo spread with brief article on Faye "Fannie" Appel Rones and her Kiawah Island beach house décor, pages 133 through 147 in "Charleston Slipcovered . . . A Slipcover Story" by Cheryl Arnold, photos by Melanie Vaughn, published by America Star Books, Frederick, Maryland, 2016; signed by Fannie.
CharlestonRosen Sam Rosen; Rosen FamilyAlan Rosen4/10/1995Photocopies of letters, clippings, birth and death certificates, and immigration and naturalization records. Copy photos of photographs of Seewee Restaurant in Awendaw.
CharlestonRosen Rosen FamilyAlan Rosen4/1995; 1/1998Rosen family tree created by Alan Rosen in April 1995. Correspondence (1998) from Alan Rosen containing an updated descedancy chart for the Rosen family tree. Photocopies of Dale Rosengarten's research notes.
CharlestonRosen Rosen FamilyAlan RosenTranscript of oral interview with Leon, Sol, and Robert Rosen, conducted on March 29, 1971.
CharlestonRosen Rosen FamilyAlan Rosen4/10/1995Photocopies of marriage license, naturalization records, and birth and death certificates. Genealogical information.
CharlestonRosen Sol Rosen; Rosen FamilyAlan Rosen4/10/1995Photocopies of clippings and naturalization records.
CharlestonRosenblumRosenblum familyArthur Rosenblum2018Biography of Arthur Rosenblum, b. 1928 in Orangeburg, resident of Laurens and Charleston, SC. Photocopy of marriage contract (1917, Chicago) of Sam and Rosen Rosenblum, Arthur's parents.
CharlestonRubinRubin FamilyLouis D. Rubin, Jr., via Joan Rubin Schoenes4/07/1997Photocopies of clippings, family history, and genealogical information.
CharlestonRubinBarnett Rubin; Rubin Family`10/1996Photocopy of genealogical information.
CharlestonRubinI. D. Rubin; Rubin FamilyPhotocopy of postcard in Hebrew from I. D. Rubin, postmarked December 1908, with English translation. Photocopies of clippings and photographs. Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonRubinLouis D. Rubin, Sr.; Louis D. Rubin, Jr.Louis D. Rubin, Jr.11/11/1996Photocopies of letters written by Louis D. Rubin, Sr. Newsletter published by the Institute of Southern Studies, winter 1997, with an article regarding the career of Louis D. Rubin, Jr. Pamphlet from Cloud Chart Inc. referring to Louis D. Rubin, Sr. Photocopies of clippinngs.
CharlestonRubin; Cohen; Fischer Maizie-Louise Rubin; Rubin FamilyMaizie-Louise Rubin10/27/1997Photocopy of essay, "Mom Remembers How We Were," by Maizie-Louise Rubin.
CharlestonRudichRudich FamilySeymour Rudich via Sandra Lee Rosenblum9/07/2001Photocopy of letter composed by Seymour Rudich containing family history. Photocopies of clippings and genealogical information.
CharlestonSasportas; SwitzerSasportas FamilyCorrespondence and photocopies of clippings containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopy of letter from Abraham Sasportas, New Orleans, 1809, in French. Program for Sasportas and Switzer family reunion in 1995.
CharlestonSokolSokol FamilyFrances Sokol Halio6/25/1997Photocopy of family tree compiled by Helene Scharff in November 1995. Dale Rosengarten's research notes.
CharlestonSokolSokol FamilyPhotocopies of clippings, photograph, and business card for J. Sokol Furniture House.
CharlestonSokol; WeintraubSokol and Weintraub Families2/05/1998Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonSolomonSam Solomon; Sophie Prystowsky Solomon; Aaron Solomon; Melvin Solomon Transcript of oral history interview with Aaron and Gertrude Solomon regarding the Great Depression, conducted by Jonathan Brilliant for a seventh grade history project in 1989. Photocopies of clippings about Sam and Sophie Prystowsky Solomon, Aaron Solomon's challenge of the Sunday Blue Laws, and a letter from Alywn Goldstein containing reference to Melvin Solomon and Regal Department Store in Charleston.
CharlestonSolomonWalter Harris SolomonRabbi William Rosenthall8/27/1997Photocopy of eulogy for Walter Harris Solomon delivered by Rabbi Wiliam Rosenthall on April 11, 1992.
CharlestonSolomons; Joseph; Phillips; Moses; SheftalSolomons and Moses FamiliesJudith Shanks10/02/2000Photocopies of documents and marriage contracts in Hebrew, with English translations. Letter from Peggy Pearlstein to Judith Shanks. Donor/curator correspondence.
CharlestonSolomonsEleanor Solomons; QuiltJudith Shanks4/2000Photocopy of map of quilt made for Eleanor Solomons, with a list of sample donors.
CharlestonSolomonsJoseph and Zipporah Solomons10/2000Footnotes: Newsletter of The Georgia Historical Society , printed summer 2000, with an article concerning a letter Joseph Solomons composed to his wife, Zipporah, on a piece of fabric during the Civil War.
CharlestonSorentrueSorentrue FamilyMax Furchgott11/28/1997Photocopy of letter, author unidentified.
CharlestonSteinberg; WilliamsSteinberg and Williams FamiliesSamuel Steinberg9/1995Booklet pertaining to Charleston Steel & Metal's 100th anniversary in 1992. Stationary and business card for Samuel Steinberg, president of Charleston Steel & Metal. Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
CharlestonSternTed SternGene Waddell3/12/1999Transcript of oral interview with Ted Stern, conducted by Gene Waddell in March 1999, containing references to George and Ira Gershwin.
CharlestonSternberger; HirschmannSternberger and Hirschmann FamiliesLeah Read Barkowitz 2/1998Photocopies of pages from prayer books, with inscriptions.
Charleston; FlorenceSternberger; HirschmannSternberger and Hirschmann FamiliesLeah Read Barkowitz 2/05/1997Photocopy of memoir, "A Family History," by Jerold Hirschman. Photocopy of clipping concerning David Sternberger, published March 1918.
CharlestonStineGordan Bernard StineGordan Bernard Stine2/1996Photocopies of letters, clippings, telegrams, invitations, clippings, and curriculum vitae.
CharlestonTaylor; Ajzensztark; BatonTaylor, Ajzensztark, and Baton FamiliesFrancine TaylorPhotocopies of photographs, clippings, marriage certificates, identification cards, and government documents, all composed in French, compiled by Heloise Baton.
CharlestonTaylor; Ajzensztark; BatonAjzensztark FamilyTranscription of letter composed by Suzanne Baton containing family history.
Charleston Taylor; AjzensztarkFrancine TaylorFrancine Taylor2006Photocopies of pages from notebooks belonging to Francine Taylor.
CharlestonTobiasTobias FamilyJudith Shanks4/04/1998Photocopies of pages from family ledger, dated December to July 1825, indicating prices paid for yards of calico, cashmere shawls, and bundles of flannel.
CharlestonTobiasThomas Tobias; Tobias FamilyLinda T. Craft10/2006Photocopies of clippings concerning Thomas Tobias, from Eli N. Evans's The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South . Photocopies of clippings containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonTriestTriest FamilyLarry and Maxine Freudenberg3/2001Photocopy of clipping containing a photograph of Montague Triest in 1887. Family history and genealogical information. Donor/curator email correspondence.
CharlestonTriestMaier Triest; Triest FamilyLarry Freudenberg1996-2002Photocopy of citizenship certificate of Joseph Triest. Correspondence containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonTriestMontague Triest; Triest FamilyPhotocopies of clippings containing photographs of Montague Triest, from Charleston Come Hell or High Water .
CharlestonTruereJoe TruereLetters from Dale Rosengarten to Allen Hutcheson regarding Joe Truere, also known as "Jew Joe," a bootlegger and club owner in North Charleston and Maryville.
Charleston Volaski; BerkmanJoseph and Agnes VolaskiValerie L. Volaski4/14/2005Photocopies of death certificate and clipping with an advertisement for Banov & Volaski, printed 1898. Copy photographs and genealogical information. Correspondence between Dale Rosengarten and Valerie Volaski containing family history.
CharlestonWetherhornWetherhorn FamilyAryeh Wetherhorn; Kaye Paletz10/2005; 10/2008Correspondence containing family history.
CharlestonWilliams; Alterman; LevyWilliams, Levy, and Alterman FamiliesArthur V. Williams; Elza M. Alterman2/03/1997Photocopies of photographs and clipping regarding Sidney Alterman.
CharlestonWineman; Lazarus; MoiseWineman and Lazarus FamiliesAnita Rosenberg10/12/2009Photocopies of letters, clippings, marriage licenses, death certificates, and census records from 1850 and 1860. Photocopies of family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonWilliams ; Kahn; Levy Williams, Kahn, and Levy Families Arthur V. Williams6/1996Photocopies of genealogical information and clipping regarding Arthur V. Williams. Dale Rosengarten's research notes.
CharlestonWinstock; LevineWinstock Family; Rabbi Hirsch LevineAlex Friedlander3/22/2000Photocopy of letter from Mrs. Herman H. Rubenovitz to Thomas Tobias regarding Rabbi Hirsch Levine's involvement in organizing an Orthodox congregation in Charleston in 1852. Photocopies of genealogical information and census records from 1860. Photocopies of clippings from the citizenship records for South Carolina, dates ranging from 1790 to 1860.
CharlestonWinstockWinstock FamilyMichael Kogan8/25/1997Photocopies of letters, clippings, and genealogical information. Photocopies of pages from Charleston city directories, dates ranging from 1877 to 1887. Reprint of essay, "Toward A Jewish Theology of Christianity," by Michael S. Kogan in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies , published winter 1995.
CharlestonZalkinZalkin FamilySusan Zalkin Hitt2010Donor/curator correspondence containing family history and genealogical information.
CharlestonZalkinRobert ZalkinRobert Zalkin8/05/1995Photocopy of letter from Harold Priluker to Robert Zalkin inviting Zalkin to join Aleph Zadik Aleph in November 1942.
CharlestonZuckerZucker FamilyPhotocopies of clippings.
ClioHirschmann; Mayer; SternbergerSternberger, Hirschmann, and Mayer Families Judy Hirschman Rivkin; Karen Franklin11/2012Photocopy of memoir, "A Family History," by Jerold Hirschman. Mayer family genealogical information composed in German. Photocopy of clipping regarding David Sternberger.
ClioSternbergerSternberger FamilyKaren Beidel9/1997Finding aid for the Sternberger Collection at the South Caroliniana Library.
Colleton District Klein Documents on Sale of SlavesPhotocopies of bill of sales for slaves bought by I. I. Klein, 1856.
Columbia Businesses; Big Band Culture11/1999Essay, "Internship Overview: McKissick Museum and the Jewish Heritage Project," by Kathy Hilliard, regarding Jewish-owned businesses in Columbia and South Carolina's Jewish big band culture.
Columbia Columbia Hebrew Benevolent SocietyCamden Archive and Museum5/1995Photocopy of program for the Columbia Hebrew Benevolent Society's 125th anniversary.
Columbia Columbia Jewish Federation4/1998Photocopy of program pertaining to the Columbia Jewish Federation's award for community service. Newsletter, Friends of the Family , published by the Jewish Family Service of Columbia in February 1998.
Columbia Columbia Jewish NewsMiscellaneous editions of the Columbia Jewish News published between 1998 and 2001.
ColumbiaReynerColumbia Jews who served in World War IIAlan J. Reyner, Jr.1/2015Photocopies of photos of Alan J. Reyner, Sr. in uniform. Photocopies of pages with headshots of Columbia Jews who served in World War II.
Columbia Hebrew Sunday SchoolPhotocopies of clippings.
Columbia Jewish Heritage ProjectPhotocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
Columbia Josiah Morse LodgePhotocopies of clippings from booklet pertaining to Josiah Morse Lodge's 50th anniversary.
Columbia MiscellaneousBrochures, letters, and photocopies of clippings.
Columbia Tree of Life Congregation; Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Programs and photocopies of clippings concerning the JHSSC meeting held on the occasion of Tree of Life Congregation's centennial celebration. Essay, "Early Synagogue Buildings Lost Forever," by Lyssa Kligman Harvey concerning the early history of Columbia Jews.
Columbia; Mount PleasantBaker (Becker); Kligman (Kligerman); Rivden; Harris; Berry; NadelBaker (Becker), Kligman (Kligerman), Rivden, Harris, Berry, and Nadel familiesJack Berry11/29/2000"A March Through Time (Baker and Kligman Family Roots)" and "A March Through Time: Baker Family History, Part Two," consisting of photocopies of family histories, letters, photographs, and clippings.
Columbia; Mount PleasantBaker (Becker); Kligman (Kligerman); Rivden; Harris; Berry; NadelBaker (Becker), Kligman (Kligerman), Rivden, Harris, Berry, and Nadel familiesSusan Alion Brill10/2014"A March Through Time: Baker Family History, Part Two," consisting of photocopies of family histories, letters, photographs, and clippings.
Columbia Berry; GlezerBerry and Glezer FamiliesCydney G. Berry7/15/1996Photocopies of photographs, genealogical information, and letters containing family history.
ColumbiaBerry (Berzin)Berry (Berzin) familySonia Rothschild"The Life of William Berry (Velvel Berzin) (1873 - 1930) & Berry Family Tree," by William L. Berry (Velvel's grandson), November 1990, which includes Jack J. Berry's (Velvel's son) "Life of William Berry," written in 1983; genealogy; a description of the town of Lachowiczem, Minsk, birthplace of Velvel; contact information for descendants. (2 photocopies)
Columbia Bogen; Bukatman; LaviskyEmma Bogen Lavisky BukatmanPhotocopies of pages from scrapbook 1 containing letters, clippings, and photographs.
Columbia Bogen; Bukatman; LaviskyBogen, Lavisky, and Bukatman FamiliesJudy GoldmanPhotocopies of eight letters, composed in Yiddish, from Bella Bogen to her sister Celia Lazin, and English translations of six of these letters. Color photocopy of front page of one of these letters, with Jefferson Hotel letterhead. Donor/curator correspondence.
Columbia Bogen; Bukatman; LaviskyEmma Bogen Lavisky BukatmanPhotocopies of pages from scrapbook 2 containing letters, clippings, and telegrams.
Columbia Bogen; Bukatman; LaviskyEmma Bogen Lavisky BukatmanPhotocopies of pages from scrapbook 3 containing letters, clippings, telegrams, programs, and photographs.
Columbia ChaplinChaplin FamilyGeorge Chaplin1995; 1996; 1997Business card for George Chaplin, editor-at-large of the Honolulu Advertiser. Letters composed by George Chaplin containing family history, reflections on his childhood in Columbia, and comments on the Holocaust memorial in Marion Square in Charleston. Photocopies of articles by George Chaplin concerning democracy in Latin America, America's use of atomic bombs in World War II, and the U.S.S. Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor. Photocopies of transcripts of the remarks given by George and Steve Chaplin at the 60th wedding anniversary dinner of George and Esta Chaplin. Photocopies of clippings, certificates, and photographs.
Columbia CoplanMark CoplanObituary for Mark Coplan, printed in Artifacts magazine in 2003.
Columbia DeLeonDeLeon FamilyRobert Rosen11/1995Photocopies of articles by Perry DeLeon regarding government relief for Confederate veterans. Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Edwin, Thomas Cooper, and Jacob DeLeon. Photocopy of article, printed in the New York State Journal of Medicine , concerning Dr. David Camden DeLeon's service in the Confederate army.
Columbia GergelRichard GergelPhotocopy of clipping.
Columbia HironsSimon HironsAlyssa NeelyBiographical information regarding Simon Hirons, a member of the South Carolina General Assembly in the 1770s.
ColumbiaKahnKahn FamilyPhotocopies of clippings .
Columbia KaphanKaphan FamilyIrwin J. Miller4/16/2002Photocopies of Confederate army documents pertaining to Theodore Kaphan's discharge in 1863. Correspondence containing genealogical information. Photocopy of photograph.
Columbia KareshKaresh FamilyNotes from interview with Alice Freed Karesh, conducted by Gerry Sue Arnold and Susan Lourie.
Columbia KareshColeman KareshMrs. Coleman (Alice) KareshJan 1996Photocopies of clippings, Kermit King's remarks on Coleman Karesh after his death, SC House of Representatives Resolution, and other tributes.
Columbia KareshRabbi David KareshPhotocopies of clippings from Golden Anniversy , booklet created by the House of Peace Synagogue, containing biographical information.
Columbia Kligerman; BakerKligerman and Baker FamiliesHarold Kornblut7/1995Photocopy of essay, "Clara Kligerman Baker: Personal Remembrances of Her Life," compiled by Ellen Henderson. Genealogical information.
Columbia Kligman; Baker; LomanskyKligman, Lomansky, and Baker FamiliesMelton Kligman3/04/1997Photocopies of photographs, marriage licenses, death certificates, and immigration and naturalization records. Photocopy of marriage certificate composed in Hebrew, with English translation.
Columbia KohnKohn Family; Jewish Genealogy6/1996Letters froms Warren A. Kohn to Dale Rosengarten concerning family's genealogy and methods for researching Jewish genealogy. Photocopies of immigration and naturalization records.
ColumbiaLapidusDr. Bernard Lapidus; Chevra Kadisha; Barbara LapidusBarbara Lapidus Birenbaum8/2014Letter from donor to Adam Mendelsohn, professor, Jewish Studies, offering her family history, pertinent to SC's Jewish history, as well as her activities since leaving SC.
ColumbiaLevyLevy FamilyNotes transcribed from interview with Florence Hirshman Levy, conducted by Dale Rosengarten on May 2, 1995. Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and Dale Rosengarten's field notes
Columbia LourieJoel Lourie2/2001Printouts from ( Post & Courier newspaper)
Columbia LourieIsadore Lourie Photocopy of letter from Isadore Lourie to Dale Rosengarten, dated January 1999, containing family history. Photocopy of program entitled "An Evening Honoring the State of South Carolina Forest in the Holy Land." Photocopy of transcript of the remarks given by Mary Lourie Rittenberg at the dedication of the Lourie Theater on November 24, 1991. Photocopies of clippings.
Columbia LourieLourie's Department StorePhotocopies of clippings.
Columbia Lyons; CohenLyons and Cohen FamiliesPhotocopies of genealogical information relating to Isaac Lyons and Rachel Cohen.
Columbia;CharlestonMarks; SchwartzMarks familyPaula Schwartz Stein11/2015Bound copy of family history, "Descendants of Humphrey and Frances Marks, 1760-2000," by Marion E. Marks, Jr., Columbia, SC. Bound copy of history of Temple Israel in Schulenburg, Texas, its related institutions, and the Jewish residents of the cities/towns of Columbus, Cuero, Edna, Flatonia, Hallettsville, La Grange, Schulenburg, and Weimar, Texas, by Dr. Abraham Shinedling, 1960; edited by Vickie Vogel, 1997.
Columbia; CharlestonMosesMoses FamilyI. I. Moses, Jr. 9/26/1997Photocopy of image of The Oaks Plantation, property of Isaiah and Rebecca Moses in Charleston in the 1840s. Photocopy of bill of sale related to Isaac I. Moses' purchase of a female slave in Columbus, Georgia, in 1857. Photocopy of clipping containing biographical information on Isaac I. Moses, Sr., a civil servant in Phenix City, Alabama. Donor/curator correspondence.
Columbia RubinHyman Rubin, Sr.Rose Rubin9/05/1997Article regarding Rubin's civil rights activism in Greater Columbia Community Relations Council 1996-1997 Annual Report . Photocopies of clippings.
Columbia Rubin Hyman Rubin, Sr.Photocopies of "Rubin's Reminiscences," a column by Rubin in the Columbia Jewish News , published between 1990 to 1998.
Columbia Schectman; HelferSchectman and Helfer FamiliesClara Rothstein Helfer3/04/1997Family history and genealogical information. Photocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
Columbia Shallat; ArkinShallat FamilyCelene. S. Jacobson1/1999Donor/curator correspondence containing family history.
Columbia TenenbaumSamuel J. TenenbaumPhotocopies of clippings.
Columbia Tulman Sarah Tulman Bat MitzvahSarah Tulman12/6/90Photocopies of photographs.
Columbia WeilWeil FamilyPauline W. Kohn; Helen W. Patla6/1995Photocopies of clippings, postcards, photographs, wedding albums, and genealogical information.
Columbia; Beaufort; AllendaleWengrow; Wolff; PearlstineWengrow, Wolff, and Pearlstine Families5/2001; 4/2007Correspondence from Sura Wolff Wengrow and Arnold Wengrow containing family history and references to a banjo ukelele.
Columbia ZusmanSam ZusmanJane Z. Eneman7/14/2002Essay by Jan Z. Eneman regarding Sam Zusman's bakery, the first Jewish bakery opened in Columbia. Photocopy of photograph.
ConwayAbramsAbrams Department Store11/2015Newspaper article about store closing.
DarlingtonDarlington Hebrew CemeteryPhotocopy of plat.
DarlingtonCohen; HennigCohen FamilyPhotocopies of postcards and letters composed in German and English, found in the David A. Cohen, Jr., Collection at Special Collections. See Special Collections MSS 1021.
DarlingtonCohen; Hennig; WitcoverCohen, Hennig, and Witcover FamiliesObject labels used for A Portion of the People exhibit.
DarlingtonRogolSam RogolLetter composed by Sam Rogol, dated July 1995, containing information not discussed in his oral interview conducted for the Jewish Hertiage Collection. Photocopies of clippings.
DarlingtonHennigHennig FamilyDavid Cohen2/12/1996Photocopy of notes from an interview with Lena W. Hennig conducted in 1955.
DarlingtonWeinbergWeinberg FamilyRose Jacobs Webster11/1995Photocopies of photographs and clippings pertaining to Benedict A. Weinberg. Photocopy of essay, "Draft of a Weinberg Family Chronicle," compiled by Robert A. Weinberg. Correspondence containing family history.
DarlingtonDarlington JewsPhotocopy of essay regarding Jewish involvement in organizations such as the Hebrew Cemetery Association, Darlington Temple Sisterhood, and Darlington Kiwanis Club.
DillonBernankeBernanke Family; Jay Bee DrugstoreLois WolpertPhotocopies of clippings.
Dillon SchaferAlan Schafer; South of the BorderPhotocopy of article by Alan Schafer concerning his childhood in Dillon. Clipping from College of Charleston Magazine regarding Jesse Berger and Nate Mallard's documentary film S.O.B. and the Legend of Alan Schafer . Program for the 2009 Charleston International Film Festival. Photocopies of clippings.
Dillon SchaferSchafer FamilyJoseph SchaferPhotocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, genealogical information, and marriage and death certificates. Photocopy of essay, "History of the Former Community of Jews in Obrigheim." Quarter Horse World magazine containing an article entitled "Youth of the Month Diane Schafer: South Carolina's Horsewoman Extraordinaire."
DillonFassFass FamilyHarold KornblutCorrespondence containing family history and genealogical information. Transcriptions of obituaries printed in the Dillon Herald .
Due WestDue West Jews; Erskine CollegePhotocopies of clippings from A Place Called Due West: The Home of Erskine College .
Edgefield Edgefield's Jewish Merchants2006Text for a historical marker, entitled "The Jewish Merchants of Edgefield, written by Bettis Rainsford.
ElloreeRubenstein; Berger; Miller; Levine; Galloway; Gordon; Krasnoff; Jacobs; LoynsElloree JewsElloree Heritage Museum and Cultural Center via Ernest Marcus2015Exhibit information and notes from interviews (info used for article in Jewish Historical Society of SC fall 2015 publication)
Elloree and SanteeElloree and Santee JewsPhotocopies of clippings from Cotton Fields to Golf Courses: A Pictoral History of Elloree and Santee, South Carolina .
EutawvilleMarcusThird Annual SC Heritage and Humanities FestivalDale Rosengarten2/2014Festival programs and text of remarks by keynote speaker Ernest Marcus and presenter Dale Rosengarten.
EutawvilleRosenberg; VisanskaRosenberg and Visanska FamiliesErnie Marcus; Ellen Marcus SmithPhotocopy of letter composed by Ernest Visanska on American Red Cross letterhead, dated August 27, 1918. Photocopy of United States Army document pertaining to Ernest Visanska's service during the First World War. Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and wedding invitation.
EutawvillePearlstine; WinstockWinstock FamilyErnie MarcusPhotocopy of clipping with an appeal for aid, issued by Moses Winstock, for re-building the sygnagogue of Sheayrith Israel Congregation in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1867. Photocopy of a Berith Shalom Congregation resolution announcing the death of Moses Winstock. Photocopy of a letter from I. M. Pearlstine to Berith Shalom Congregation memebers concerning the death of Moses Winstock, composed on I. M. Pearlstine & Sons letterhead. Photocopy of advertisement for a dry goods store owned by B. M. and S. A. Winstock. Photocopy of photograph of Moses Winstock. Photocopy of "The Winstocks of South Carolina" by Evelyn Rosenberg Gross.
EutawvilleCohen; Karesh; Levi; MarcusCohen and Karesh Families Ernie Marcus3/06/2001Photocopy of scrapbook containing memoirs, recipes, and family history.
Eutawville; Manning; AbbevilleMarcus; Rosenberg; Visanska; Winstock; LeviMarcus FamilyErnie Marcus; Ellen Marcus Smith2001Correspondence composed by Ernie Marcus and Ellen Marcus Smith containing family history. Photocopy of notes from an interview with Louise Levi Marcus, conducted in April 1994. Memoir written by Louise Levi Marcus in 1994 and 1995. Photocopy of obituary for Harris Marcus. Photocopies of clippings about Harry Marcus, mayor of Eutawville,
Eutawville; AbbevilleCohen; Levi; Marcus; Rosenberg; Visanska; WinstockMarcus, Levi, Rosenberg, Winstock, Cohen, and Visanska FamiliesEllen Marcus Smith 3/16/2001Correspondence from Ellen Marcus Smith containing family history. Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
FlorenceBeth IsraelDirectories for 1997-1998 and 1999.
FlorenceBeth Israel4/21/1998Photocopies of clippings, letters, photographs, and Dale Rosengarten's field notes. Brochures and newsletter, entitled Jewish Family & Life .
FlorenceBeth IsraelAlex Cohen2012Photocopies of photographs and clippings. Photocopy of Certificate of Incorporation
FlorenceCaganRichard Cagan3/06/1999Transcript of speech delivered by Richard Cagan for the panel "Growing Up Jewish in the Pee Dee" at the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina regional meeting in Florence in March 1999. Correspondence between Dale Rosengarten and Richard Cagan.
FlorenceKulmanSol KulmanPhotocopies of clippings concerning Sol Kulman's involvement in Agudath Sholom Congregation in Lynchburg, Virginia, where Kulman lived before moving to Florence in 1969. Clippings containing biographical information.
FlorenceGalindoWilliam GalindoClipping concerning the story of Confederate General William Wallace Harllee's watch, with a reference to William Galindo, a watchmaker at Galloway-Moseley in Florence.
FlorenceMiscellaneousEssay, "Jewish Life in Florence, South Carolina: an Oral History," by Samantha Mazo, an undergraduate assignment at Princeton University in 1998. Essay,"Jewish History in the Pee Dee," by Jon Kammer. Photocopy of clipping containing biographical information on Chester S. Heimlich.
FlorenceGrossfieldGrossfield FamilyRena Grossfield7/1999Photocopy of clipping concerning Avery J. Grossfield, rabbi of Temple Beth Israel from 1954 to 1958, written by Rabbi Israel B. Koller for the yearbook of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. Transcript of interview with Harriet Grossfield, wife of Rabbi Avery J. Grossfield, conducted in October 1999. Photocopies of photographs. Donor/curator correspondence.
FlorenceBeth IsraelBeatrice K. Rogel7/1995Photocopy of essay,"Temple Beth Israel -- Then and Now," by Beatrick K. Rogol, printed in the summer 2004 Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina newsletter. Photocopies of drafts of "Temple Beth Israel -- Then and Now" by Rogol.
FlorenceBrenner; Green; Koenig; Lovit; Siegal; Stein; Siegal; ZahlFlorence IndustriesPatricia Lovit10/2012Correspondence, composed by Patricia Lovit, regarding Jewish families with ties to Florence industries.
FlorenceFlorence JewsBonnie Cagan5/10/2004Photocopies of photographs.
FlorenceHeidenDr. Eric Heiden; Heiden FamilyDr. Eric Heiden; Bari Heiden4//22/1998Correspondence and photocopies of clippings containing biographical and genealogical information.
FlorenceLoebLoeb FamilyDan Loeb2003Correspondence from Dan Loeb, Dale Rosengarten, and Harold Kornblut containing Loeb family history.
FlorenceSulzbacher, Isaac The Sulzbacher House 2017/2018Correspondence and photocopy of a clipping concerning the Sulzbacher House.
FlorenceJewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC); Beth IsraelPrograms for the JHSSC regional meeting in Florence in March 1999. Minutes from the JHSSC meeting in October 1998. Brochure and photocopies of clippings pertaining to Beth Israel Congregation. Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
Florence; Pee DeeBernanke; Blum; Blumenthal; Brenner; Cohen; Crane; Fields; Fox; Fram; Franco; Friedman; Germain; Glass; Gottlieb; Green; Greenberg; Grossman; Heimlich; Horinbein; Koenig; Kornblut; Lesavoy; Levy; Lewis; Lovit; Morse; Riemer; Schafer; Siegel; Sopkin; Spanier; Stavenhagen; Stein; Strauss; Weintraub; Wolpert; Zahl Pee Dee region BusinessesLois Wolpert; Patricia Lovit2012Correspondence and research notes.
GeorgetownMiscellaneousAlwyn GoldsteinPhotocopies of letters and clippings, with notations made by donor.
GeorgetownBaruchBaruch FamilyPrintouts from an online exhibit concerning the Baruch family, affiliated with the City University of New York library. See
GeorgetownBaruch; SampsonGeorgetown JewsDebby B. Abrams5/13/1998Photocopy of essay,"The Jews of Georgetown," by Cornelia Thomas (Margaret) Bull. Photocopies of letters composed by Dale Rosengarten, Debby Adams, and Cornelia Bull. Photocopies of genealogical information, compiled by Cornelia Bull, on the Sampson and Baruch families.
GeorgetownGeorgetown Jewish MayorsAlyssa Neely; Elizabeth MosesResearch notes concerning the Jewish mayors of Georgetown.
GeorgetownBaruchHobcaw Barony; Belle W. Baruch FoundationPhotocopies of clippings regarding art work stolen from Hobcaw Barony in 2003. Photocopy of article by Eleanor Roosevelt concerning a visit to Hobcaw Barony. Letter from Dale Rosengarten to Sam McIntosh, curator of the Baruch Foundation. Brochures and newsletter regarding the Belle W. Baruch Foundation's conservation and educational projects at Hobcaw Barony .
GeorgetownKaminskiKaminski FamilyPhotocopy of letter from W. L. J. Parker to Richard Kaminski, dated April 23, 1972, concerning the schooner Linah C. Kaminski, built in 1873 and carrying cargo between Georgetown and New York. Letter from Alwyn Goldstein to Dale Rosengarten concerning the Kaminski's hardware store. Photocopy of painting of the schooner Linah C. Kaminski, donated by L. C. Sloan.
GeorgetownBenjamin; Breslauer; MosesMiscellaneousL. C. SloanPhotocopies of letters composed by donor containing genealogical information on the family of Marks Moses. Photocopies of donor's research notes regarding the port of Georgetown and a pharmacy ledger belonging to Dr. T. P. Bailey, dated 1874. Photocopies of clippings.
GeorgetownCohen; MyersAbraham Charles MyersL. C. Sloan3/1999Photocopy of essay by Walter E. Burke, Jr.
GeorgetownMiscellaneousPhotocopies of clippings regarding Georgetown Jews and city hall records.
GeorgetownSouth Carolina Association of B'nai B'rith LodgesAlwyn Goldstein6/1999Photocopy of program for the organization's 17th annual convention in Georgetown in March 1954.
GeorgetownRosenMeyer Rosen; Sylvan RosenAlwyn Goldstein1996Photocopies of clippings.
GeorgetownLevkoff; Lewenthal; WeinbergLevkoff, Lewenthal, and Weinberg FamiliesLaz Schneider3/02/1999Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and marriage certificates. Genealogical information and donor/curator correspondence.
GeorgetownGoldsteinAlwyn Goldstein; Goldstein FamilyAlwyn Goldstein1997; 2018Photocopies of clippings. Correspondence between Roz Greenspon and Dale Rosengarten. Article by Roz Goldstein Greenspon titled "Growing Up with Passover and Easter."
GeorgetownKaminskiKaminksi FamilyCindy Peas2/09/1999Photocopy of essay by Clara Reekie regarding Harold Kaminski. Photocopy of inventory of the possessions in the Kaminksi House, compiled by Rose Kaminski in 1915.
GeorgetownKaminskiKaminski Family; Morgan Collection7/1998Photocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes regarding the Kaminski genealogical papers and Morgan photo collection at the Georgetown Public Library.
GeorgetownKaminskiKaminski House8/28/1998Brochures, postcards, and newsletters pertaining to the Kaminski House Museum. Photocopies of clippings regarding the discovery, in 1996, of a missing diamond brooch at the Kaminski House.
GeorgetownMosesMarcus MosesLetters between L. C. Sloan and Charles Joyner regarding Joyner's portrayal of Marcus Moses in Shared Traditions: Southern History and Folk Culture .
GeorgetownJoynerGeorgetown Jews; Charles JoynerEssay, "A Community of Memory: Assimilation and Identity among the Jews of Georgetown, S.C., 1761-1904," by Charles Joyner. Promotional pamphlet for Joyner's Shared Traditions: Southern History and Folk Culture. Photocopy of clipping and Joyner's cirriculum vitae.
GeorgetownSampson; EhrichSampson Family; Ehrich FamilyCornelia Bull9/12/2014Photocopy of "References to Sampson and Ehrich Families in Local Georgetown Newspapers 1850- " that consists primarily of handwritten notes, but includes copies of census data and newspaper clippings.
GeorgetownRosen; Schneider; WeinbergRosen, Schneider, and Weinberg FamiliesPhotocopies of clippings pertaining to Benedict, Meyer, and Sylvan Rosen, as well as Benedict Weinberg. Photocopy of essay,"Draft of a Weinberg Family Chronicle," compiled by Robert A. Weinberg in 1983. Photocopies of letters, photographs, and genealogical information.
GeorgetownBenjamin; Moses; Schneider Beth Elohim10/2004Photocopies of clippings containing history of Beth Elohim and references to Marks Moses, Louis Benjamin, and Philip Schneider. Dale Rosengarten's notes from a panel discussion at Beth Elohim's 100th annivesary.
Georgetown; ManningEhrichWilliam S. EhrichSylvia Weinberg Clark 5/17/2013Photocopy of "Letters From Overseas," a typewritten diary by Dr. William S. Ehrich, beginning with June 4, 1918, and includes a photocopy of a photo of Ehrich in uniform. [5/27/15 note: this is the 2nd copy in Special Collections. The 1st copy is located with the original, accession no. 2013-094, awaiting processing.]
GreenvilleBloom; Chambers; Davis; Zaglin Fred LeffertTranscripts of interviews with Jack Bloom, Ruth Chambers, Alex Davis, and Sol Zaglin, conducted by the confirmation class at Beth Israel in 1985. Donor/curator correspondence.
GreenvilleJewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Letters, programs, and invitations pertaining to the JHSSC board meeting in Greenville in November 1997.
GreenvilleAbrams; RovnerPhilip Rovner; Rovner and Abrams FamiliesPhilip Rovner2010Drafts of Philip Rovner's essay, "Growing Up Jewish in Greenville," for the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina's fall 2010 newsletter. Correspondence containing family history and genealogical information.
GreenvilleBloomBloom Family; Greenville JewsJack Bloom; Leonard Greenspoon2/26/1997Essay, "A Brief History of Congregation Beth Israel, Greenville, South Carolina," by Jack Bloom. Photocopy of clipping with a photograph of the Bloom family's department store in 1923. Photocopies of Leonard Greenspoon's notes compiled from Greenville city directories, dates ranging from 1876 to 1933. Photocopies of clippings.
GreenvilleGreenville JewsPhotocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
GreenvilleCongregation Beth Israel; Jewish Historical Society of South CarolinaDale RosengartenOctober 23, 2016Materials from the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina's Fall meeting, held at Congregation Beth Israel in honor of the dedication of an historic marker: Beth Israel membership packet; remarks by moderator Victor Alfieri; presentation by Diane Vecchio on Jewish peddlers in the Upcountry; Beth Israel's November bulletin with story about the weekend conference.
Greenville Second World War ServicemenAnn Lurey1/2000Photocopy of clipping from the American Jewish Times containing names and photographs of Greenville Jews in the armed services during the Second World War.
GreenvilleBloomBloom FamilyLetters and photocopies of letters composed by Jack Bloom concerning southern Jewish culinary traditions and Marcie Cohen Ferris's Matzoh Ball Gumbo .
GreenvilleBloomGreenville Jews2005Photocopy of essay, "A History of the Jewish Community of Greenville, South Carolina," by Jack Bloom, published by the Greenville County Historical Society in 2005.
GreenvilleHellerMax HellerMax Heller; Trude Heller2/28/1997Photocopies of clippings.
GreenvilleZaglinZaglin FamilyJeff Zaglin2/26/1997Photocopy of clipping pertaining to Zaglin's Army & Navy Store.
Greenville BloomBloom Family; Greenville JewsJack Bloom3/04/1997Photocopies of photographs of Julius H. Bloom with his infantry regiment during the First World War. Letters composed by Jack Bloom containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopies of letters between Jack Bloom and Bruce Beeber. Photocopies of clippings from South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service containing references to Greenville Jews who served as Confederate soldiers.
GreenvilleMiscellaneousPhotocopy of program for a convention of the South Carolina Federation of Temple Sisterhoods held in Greenville in April 1929. Directory for the Greenville Section of the National Council of Jewish Women, dated 1996-97. Directory for Temple of Israel, dated 1996-97. Pamphlet issued by Horizon, entitled the Jewish Music Guide . Photocopies of clippings. Greenville Jewish Federation's Jewish Community Directory, 2019-2021.
GreenvilleLurey; ZaglinLurey and Zaglin FamiliesSuzanne Rae Lurey12/15/1996Photocopy of letter composed by Suzanne Lurey containing family history. Photocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
GreenvilleLurey, Switzer (Reyzliovich or Reglevitz); Kohansky Lurey and Switzer families; Congregation Beth IsraelAnn Lureyfall 2016Clipping and copy photo of the Cauble Building in Greenville, SC. Copy photos of Meyer Switzer, Sarah Switzer, and Masha Lea Lurey. Photocopies of clippings about Congregation Beth Israel, Greenville, SC, and of ship passenger list. Handwritten and typewritten family histories. Contents were provided in the process of writing an article for the Jewish Historical Society of SC magazine (fall 2016 issue).
GreenwoodRosenberg; Visanksa; WinstockRosenberg and Winstock FamiliesEvelyn Rosenberg GrossPhotocopy of The Winstocks of South Carolina by Evelyn Rosenberg Gross. Color photocopies of clippings, certificates, invitations, and photographs. Donor/curator correspondence containing family history and genealogical information.
GreenwoodRosenbergErnest R. RosenbergPhotocopies of letters between Ernest Rosenberg and Wendell Levi regarding Rosenberg's post at Camp Crowder in Missouri during the Second World War. Photocopies of clipping from Fifty Years around the Cistern containing photographs of Ernest Rosenberg.
Greenwood RosenbergRosenberg FamilyEvelyn Rosenberg Gross9/22/1996Photocopies of legal documents regarding the recovery of Moses Winstock's property confiscated during the Civil War. Photocopy of letter from I. M. Pearlstine to members of the Berith Shalom Congregation announcing the death of Moses Winstock, composed on I. M. Pearlstine & Sons letterhead. Photocopies of marriage contract between Abraham Rosenberg and Rebecca Winstock, composed in Hebrew and in English. Notes from an interview with George and Edith Rosenberg. Photocopies of clippings and certificates.
Hilton Head2018Miscellaneous clippings.
KingstreeJacobsLouis Jacobs; Jacobs FamilyRose Jacobs Webster11/1995Photocopy of transcript of statement made by Louis Jacobs regarding his civil service posts in Kingstree and his experience as a Confederate soldier. Photocopy of transcription of letter composed by James Simons providing his impression of Louis Jacobs while in the Confederate army. Photocopy of eulogy for Louis Jacobs, delivered by Rabbi Marcusson. Photocopies of clippings, genealogical information, and photograph of the Jacobs family taken ca. 1933.
KingstreeMiscellaneousPhotocopy of clipping from the American Jewish Yearbook , dated 1915-16, containing a reference to the Kingstree Reform synagogue. Correspondence regarding the history of the Kingstree Jewish community. List of Jewish merchants in Williamsburg County, SC, compiled by Louis Drucker. Photocopy of advertisement for the opening of "Harry Marcus, Inc." from the Kingstree County Record, March 9, 1933.
KingstreeGoldsteinGoldstein FamilyPhotocopies of clippings.
LattaKornblutKornblut FamilyHarold Kornblut8/1995; 5/2019Photocopies of magazine article and newspaper clippings pertaining to Moses Kornblut and Kornblut's Department Store. Photocopies of letters from Harold Kornblut regarding the Jewish Heritage Project. Photocopy of letter from the Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies in Teaneck, NJ. Photographs of Kornblut family certificates.
LattaKornblutKornblut FamilyMisc clippings, curator's field notes, etc.
LorisWolpertWolpert Family; Wolpert's Department StoreLois WolpertPhotocopies of clippings and photographs.
ManningLeviMoses Levi Memorial InstitutePhotocopy of catalogue of the Moses Levi Memorial Institute for 1889 to 1900, with a description of the school's policies, a list of enrolled students, and biographical information on Moses Levi.
ManningLevi; Greenwald; JacobsLevi familyErnie Marcus; Ellen Marcus Smith2001Photocopies of clippings, genealogical information, and pages from Catalogue of Moses Levi Memorial Institute .
ManningAppelt; WeinbergManning JewsPhotocopies of clippings.
ManningManning Jews1/2001Essay,"The Jewish Influence in Clarendon County," presented by Sylvia Hanna Weinberg to the Clarendon Country Historical Society in January 2001. Essay, "Manning: The First 150 Years," by Sylvia Hanna Weinberg.
MarionLevyLevy Family; Heritage SportswearSheri Misuer; Lois WolpertPhotocopies of clippings and photographs.
MarionIsemanIseman FamilyJoseph Iseman3/24/2003Photocopies of letters composed by Joseph S. Iseman and James M. Iseman, Jr., containing family history and genealogical information.
McClellanvilleFrankelIsaac FrankelDale Rosengarten's field notes.
MullinsMiles; SnyderSnyder and Miles FamilyStephen Snyder6/1995Correspondence containing family history and genealogical information.
MullinsMiscellaneousPhotocopies of clippings.
Myrtle BeachChabad Academy Jewish Day SchoolRuth Jacobs; culls from Sumter Temple Sinai records3/1995Photocopies of clippings. Chabad 1991 letter to Officers of N & H Trust (Sumter) requesting financial assistance, accompanied by photograph of students and photocopies of clippings about Chabad.
Myrtle BeachMiscellaneousPhotocopies of clippings.
Myrtle BeachTemple Emanu-ElSol Wachter5/28/2000Program for Temple Emanu-El concert series from 1999 to 2000.
NewberryFoot; FooteFoot(e) FamilyGeorge "Ken" Staubs10/20/2016Photocopies of transcribed notices about the Foot family in the Newberry Observer. Photocopies of pages regarding Michael Foot's birth, death, naturalization, spouse, children, and immigration.
NorthBassBass FamilyCorrespondence composed by Jack Bass containing family history. Photocopies of photographs.
Orangeburg; St. Matthews; Elloree; Branchville; GreenwoodAbrams; Aronson; Becker; Benjamin; Eisler; Finkelstein; Goldiner; Harmon; Hurwitz; Jarecky; Kahnweiler; Kline; Kohn; Levine; Link; Marcus; Miller; Mirmow; Moseley; Nussbaum; Pearlstine; Rich; Rosenbaum; Sorentrue; Spiesman; Steiner; Wald; Wallace; Wilensky; YoffeFamilies in Orangeburg and surrounding townsRhetta Aronson MendelsohnJan 2005Survey of Hebrew Cemetery at Sunnyside Cemetery in Orangeburg. Photocopies of obituaries, city directories, clippings, and transcriptions of archival files.
OrangeburgAronson; RichRich and Aronson FamiliesRhetta Aronson Mendelsohn12/2008Letters and photocopies of letters containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopies of clipping and photograph.
OrangeburgRichIsadore RichReka Rich DeMasi3/2001Photocopy of letter from Isadore Rich to his wife, Reka, and children, dated June 1910. Photocopies of clippings and a ship registry in German, dated 1910.
OrangeburgKohnKohn FamilyRobert Baum via Rhetta Aronson Mendelsohn9/2004Photocopy of letter composed by Robert Baum containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopies of clippings.
OrangeburgRichMrs. Lipman P. Rich; RecipesCarol Kelly2/2001Photocopies of clippings with recipes compiled by Mrs. Lipman Rich.
OrangeburgAronson; RichRich and Aronson FamiliesHarold Aronson; Rose Louise Aronson2/1996Photocopy of program for a confirmation ceremony at Congregation Beth El in May 1936. Photocopies of U.S. Army documents pertaining to Harold Aronson and Lipman Rich. Photocopy of letter, with Hirsch Bros. letterhead, dated August 1899. Photocopies of clippings and wedding invitation. List of Jewish families in Orangeburg, as recalled by Rose Louise Aronson.
OrangeburgMiscellaneousPhotocopy of clipping from the American Jewish Yearbook , dated 1916-17, containing a reference to the Orangeburg Hebrew Congregation. Correspondence containing research notes compiled by Alyssa Neely regarding Orangeburg Jews. Photocopies of clippings.
Orangeburg; BlackvilleBrown; RichBrown and Rich FamiliesReka Rich DeMasi2/1998Photocopies of letters, clippings, photographs, family history, and genealogical information.
Orangeburg; Camden; CharlestonBlock; RichBlock and Rich Families; A Portion of the People ExhibitDescriptions and appraisals of objects belonging to the Block and Rich families used in A Portion of the People exhibit.
Orangeburg; CharlestonAronson; Block; Brown; Mendelsohn; RichRich FamilyRhetta Aronson Mendelsohn6/1995Photocopies of clippings concerning the elections of L. Rich and Philip Rich as officers of Berith Shalom in 1860, 1865, and 1868. Research notes compiled from the 1860 census, Charleston city directories, and Berith Shalom cemetery records. Descriptions and appraisals by D. Bigda Antiques of a trolley bag and brass tray portrayed in A Portion of the People . Photocopies of genealogical information.
Orangeburg; St. MatthewsRichJennie RichReka Rich DeMasi2/1998Photocopy of autograph album beloning to Jennie Rich, containing letters and poems.
PinewoodGordinLouis GordinRachel Barnett and Gary GrahamMay 2019Email correspondence re Rachel's great-uncle Louis Gordin and his dry goods store. Photocopies of photo of Gordin's store and plats of land he owned.
RidgevilleEnglebergHerman Engleberg2000Photocopy of clipping.
Rock HillGoldmanJudy Kurtz Goldman10/1999Dale Rosengarten's notes from an interview with Judy Kurtz Goldman, conducted in October 1999.
Rock HillFriedheim; Goode; MarshallGoode, Friedheim, and Marshall Families10/1998Research notes containing genealogical information.
Rock HillFriedheimFriedheim and Smith-Fewell BuildingsJohn T. MisskelleyBooklet, The Friedheim & Smith-Fewell Buildings: Celebrating 100 Years of History , by Paul Gettys and John T. Misskelley. Brochure entitled "Strolling Through Historic Downtown Rock Hill, South Carolina."
Rock HillFriedheimFriedheim FamilyRobert Rosen6/06/1998Photocopy of booklet, The Friedheim's of Rock Hill, South Carolina , by C. H. "Icky" Albright. Dale Rosengarten's field notes regarding the Friedheim's store.
Rock HillMiscellaneous9/1999Correspondence and Dale Rosengarten's field notes containing the history of the Rock Hill Jewish community. Photocopies of clippings.
South CarolinaRural Jewish Initiative for the Carolinas 2010Correspondence and photocopies of clippings.
South CarolinaJewish slave-owners in SC, 1860Anton Hieke2013Information compiled by Hieke for his book, "Jewish Identity in the Reconstruction South: Ambivalence and Adaptation," published 2013.
South CarolinaPopkinBlue Star CampsRodger and Candy Popkin11/09/13Photocopy of 1963 brochure/application for the "Third Annual Fred Berk Israeli Folk Dance Workshop" sponsored by Blue Star Camps, Hendersonville, NC. Photocopies of flyers describing the work of Fred Berk and Katya Delakova, (includes photos). Photocopy of Herman Popkin's "Once Upon a Summer" published by Venture Press. Color and black & white photocopies of newspaper articles, certificate, letter from the White House, and photos.
South CarolinaPopulation StatisticsCorrespondence. Photocopies of clippings and research notes.
South CarolinaRosenwald Schools2018clippings
South CarolinaEuropean Immigration to South Carolina, 1881-1908Photocopy of master's thesis, European Immigration to South Carolina, 1881-1908 , by Mildred Louis Pettus, completed in 1954.
South CarolinaSouth Carolina JewsPhotocopies of clippings.
South Carolina; Pee DeeLevyJews in 18th Century Pee DeeDonna Bailey2009Photocopy and transcription of petition requesting the establishment of a courthouse in the Georgetown district of Pee Dee, 1796. Photocopies of clippings.
SpartanburgCohen; GreenewaldGreenewald and Cohen Families; Temple B'nai IsraelJoe Wachter10/01/06Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Max Greenewald and Isaac Henry Greenewald, both founders of Temple B'nai Israel in Greenville, as well as Rabbi Hyman Samuel Cohen, rabbi of Temple B'nai Israel from 1914 to 1916, and his wife, Jennie Jacobs Cohen. Photocopy of clipping concerning Harold Cohen, son of Temple B'nai Israel founder Max Cohen and commander of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion in Europe during the Second World War.
SpartanburgMemorabilia Judaica ExhibitCatalogue for the Memorabilia Judaica exhibit held at the Arts Center in June 1976, containing descriptions of photographs and heirlooms relating to Spartanburg Jews.
SpartanburgSpartanburg JewsBrochures regarding exhibitions held at the Sandor Teszler Library Gallery at Wofford College. Dale Rosengarten's field notes. Photocopies of clippings.
SpartanburgMann; Price; RobinsonPrice, Mann, and Robinson FamiliesPhotocopies of notes containing family history, compiled by Harry Price for a presentation at Temple B'nai Israel's 75th anniversary. Photocopy of essay, "Annie Cook Remembers: A Family History." Photocopies of letters to Harry Price regarding portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mann attributed to Solomon Nunes Carvalho. Photocopies of clippings, photographs, and letters containing family history.
SpartanburgDraisen; Ginsberg; Herman; PoliakoffDraisen Family2010Drafts of essay,"The Draisens of the Carolina Upcountry," for the Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina's fall 2010 newsletter. Photocopy of memoir, "Our Origins," by Sara Helena Herman Feen, dated June 1989. Photocopies of genealogical information.
SpartanburgUpcountry JewsDale Rosengarten's notes concerning Jewish settlement in the Upstate, for a talk at Temple B'nai Israel on January 28, 2005.
SpartanburgSmiley; Hecklin; GordonRose Hecklin SmileyDale Rosengarten1/10/1995Rosengarten's notes from an interview with Rose Hecklin Smiley, including a description of artifacts, documents, and photos.
SpartanburgSpartanburg Jews; Temple B'nai IsraelJoey Gainey3/1996Research notes compiled by Joey Gainey.
SpartanburgJewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC); Temple B'nai IsraelLetters and programs for the JHSSC meeting held on the occasion of Temple B'nai Israel's 100th anniversay on January 28-30, 2005. Photocopy of the JHSSC by-laws, revised January 2005.
SpartanburgSpigelSpigel FamilyConie Spigel Ferguson1995Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
SpartanburgMiscellaneousPamphlet containing a photograph of Spartanburg's streetscape, with a sign for Price's Clothing. Photocopy of clipping.
SpartanburgPoliakoffMatthew PoliakoffMarsha Poliakoff4/30/1995Transcript of oral intervew with Matthew Poliakoff, conducted in March 1978.
SpartanburgStauberStauber family; Rabbi Max StauberNaomi StauberAugust 2019Photocopy of pages 7-18 of The Marmaros Book: In Memory of a Hundred and Sixty Jewish Communities (Published by Beit Marmaros, Tel Aviv). Email correspondence (2019) between donor and curator of the Jewish Heritage Collection regarding Stauber family history.
St. GeorgeKlauberKlauber Familly1998Photocopy of clipping.
St. GeorgeLourieLourie Theater; Isadore LourieKaren Tannenbaum (program)1/31/2001; March 2019Article titled "Sen. Isadore Lourie: In Appreciation," dated January 31, 2001, by Phil Noble, from, printed March 5, 2001. Lourie Theater, St. George, dedication program, November 24, 1991.
St. GeorgeLourieSarah LourieShelly PellerJanuary 20198 x10 original photograph, dated 1941, of Sarah Lourie, roommate (University of Georgia) of the donor's mother, Louise "Stocky" Stock Stein, of Rome, GA.
St. MatthewsPearlstine; Jarecky; Loryea; Rich; Moritz; Lewisohn; Wetherhorn; Jacobson; Elosser; Cohen; Yelman; Savitz.Jewish families in St. Matthews and/or Calhoun County11/2018Newspaper articles courtesy of the Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center, May 9 and 10, 2015, downloaded from
St. MatthewsPearlstineHanna Pearlstine; Pearlstine FamilyMarilyn Fine8/22/1996Correspondence and photocopies of clippings containing family history and biographical and genealogical information. Photocopy of essay, "The Shepherd of St. Matthews," by Hanna Pearlstine regarding her father, Sheppard Pearlstine.
St. StephenRittenbergGus RittenbergSC Room, CCPL2019Photocopy of newspaper clipping about Gus Rittenberg's death in car accident in 1924.
Sullivan's IslandLipmanHal Blaine; Minita Fishelson Lipman; Wilfred E. LipmanDeborah Lipman CochelinMarch 2019AP article published in the Post and Courier about Hal Blaine (d. 3/11/19), professional drummer and cousin to Minita Fishelson Lipman, who was the wife of Sullivan's Island former Mayor Wilfred E. Lipman.
SummervilleMiscellaneousPhotocopies of clippings.
SumterLevi; MosesMiscellaneousPhotocopy of essay, "Influence of the Jewish People on the Sumter Community," by Tommy Dobbs. Photocopy of will of Timothy J. Tuomey. Correspondence concerning relations between Jews and African Americans. Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Henry H. Shelor and William Mitchell Levi. Photocopies of clippings containing Octavia Harby Moses' recollections of Union soldiers' occupation of Sumter during the Civil War. Photocopy of pamphlet, "Palmetto Pigeon Plant: Sumter S.C. Compliments of Harold Moise," The original pamphlet can be found in the Anita Rosenberg Collection. Photocopy of an article published in The College Today newsletter, Copy of Audubon's 'Birds of America' Donated to the Library.
SumterMiscellaneousPhotocopies of clippings.
Sumter, GeorgetownMoses, Gomez, Kaminski, Levi, Seixas Moses, Gomez, Kaminski, Levi, and Seixas FamiliesOctavia Moses Mahon Photocopies of Moses family genealogical records, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and applications for membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution Application for Membership.
SumterMazursky; Moise; Schwartz; SolomonsSumter Jewish FamiliesSumter Genealogical Society2008Photocopies of clippings and photographs.
SumterBenjamin; Cohen; D'Ancona; Harby; Moise; MosesSumter Jewish Families2008Printouts from the online exhibit A Portion of the People: Three Hundred Years of Southern Jewish Life.
SumterSumter History; Mayor McElveen2001Photocopy of newsletter composed by Mayor W. A. "Bubba" McElveen.
SumterSumter History and Genealogy2008Photocopy of The Bulletin of the Sumter County Historical Commission: A Genealogical and Historical Journal , dated 1988.
Sumter; ManningSumter JewsAlyssa Neely2008Research notes compiled by Alyssa Neely.
SumterBerger; Blatt; Krischner; Mazursky; Moses; Phillips; Tuomey; WeinbergSumter Jews; Signature MagazineHelen BergerSignature magazine containing articles regarding Berger's Men's Store and the Sumter Opera House, published by Sumter High School students in 1989.
SumterSumter Jews; Temple Sinai; Jewish Heritage Project (JHP) Genealogical information pertaining to members of Temple Sinai, compiled for the JHP.
SumterSumter Jews; Temple Sinai; Jewish Historical Society of South Carolina (JHSSC)Dale Rosengarten2008Dale Rosengarten's field notes concerning Sumter Jews and relevant collections at the Sumter County Museum and Sumter County Historical and Genealogical Society. Congregation Sinai Yearbook for 2000-2001. Photocopy of Congregation Sinai Yearbook for 1998-1999. Postcard and program for the JHSSC meeting at Temple Sinai in May 2008.
Sumter Sumter Society of IsraelitesRobert Moses1995; 1996Photocopy of The Early Minutes of The Sumter Society of Israelites by Herbert A. Moses, dated 1936.
SumterMoise; MosesTemple SinaiTemple Sinai Archives RoomProgram for the unveiling ceremony of a historical marker at Temple Sinai in May 2000. Program for a concert featuring Meira Warshauer in April 2000. Temple Sinai newsletter from February 1995. Photocopy of essay, "A History of Congregation Sinai," presented by Morris D. Mazursky to the Sumter County Historical Society in May 1985. Photocopy of transcript of talk delivered by Robert Moses concerning Temple Sinai's stained glass windows. Photocopy of essay, "My Uncle, Mr. Herbert," by Robert Moses. Photocopy of essay, "Life of Penina Moise." Photocopies of clippings.
SumterTemple Sinai; Camp Coleman; Southeast Federation of Temple Youth (SEFTY)Letter from Anthony Kramer to Temple Sinai Sisterhood regarding his stay at Camp Coleman in Cleveland, Georgia, no date. Letter from Mike (no surname, no date), regarding his experience with SEFTY.
SumterCohen; Moise; Moses; Phelps; StraussTemple Sinai; Textile ExhibitionKaren Murphy Mollo6/1995Photocopies of labels describing textiles belonging to the Cohen, Moses, Moise, Phelps, and Strauss families, for an exhibition at Temple Sinai in June 1996.
SumterBarnett; Loryea; KleinEdythe Loryea; Reuben Loryea; Emily KleinH. D. Barnett5/10/1995Photocopies of letters, clippings, and burial permit.
SumterDenemarkDenemark FamilyIsidore Denemark; Linda SaegertLetters composed by Isidore Denemark and Linda Seagert containing family history and genealogical information.
SumterFreedFreed FamilyJoseph Wachter10/20/18Photocopies of newspaper clippings about members of the Freed Family, dating from 1947-2005. Printout from Find A Grave. Printout from re Tommie James.
SumterHarby; Moise; RosenbergHarby FamilyAnita Rosenberg2011Photocopies of clippings and pages from family books, with inscriptions.
SumterKayeIra KayeIra Kaye6/1996New South magazine containing an article by Ira Kaye, "The Turks," regarding the tri-racial isolate group in Sumter known as the Turks, published June 1963. Photocopy of article, "A Kaddish for Whom," by Ira Kaye under the pseudonym A. Schwarzlieber, published in New South in October 1964.
SumterKaye Ira Kaye; Civil RightsMarc LinderPhotocopies of letters between federal officals, including Robert Kennedy, and lawyers throughout the country, including Ira Kaye, concerning the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.
Sumter LevyLevy FamilyCorinne Levy PhilipsPhotocopy of of essay, "I Remember Grandma," by Corinne Levy Philips concerning her grandmother's — Corinne Alice Davis — stories about fleeing Richmond for Nassau, and then Montreal, during the Civil War and her encounters with prominent Civil War figures, including Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and John Wilkes Booth. Photocopy of autograph book belonging to Rebecca Davis containing letters and poems. Photocopies of photographs, letters, and clippings. Correspondence and Dale Rosengarten's field notes containing family history and genealogical information.
SumterLevyEugene Henry LevyCorinne Levy Philips5/09/1995Photocopy of transcription of diary by Eugene Henry Levy, a Confederate soldier, covering the Petersburg and Richmond campaigns from 1864 to 1865.
SumterLevyGeorge Davis LevyCorinne Levy PhilipsPhotocopies of clippings.
Sumter LevyUriah Phillips LevyElizabeth Moses2002Printouts containing biographical information. Photocopies of clippings from National Geographic containing references to the Levy family's ownership of Monticello. Photocopies of photographs of plaque identifying the grave of Rachel Phillips Levy at Monticello.
Sumter Machado; Moses; Nunes; PhillipsDavid Mendez Machado; Moses and Machado Families Robert Moses2/1999Photocopy of essay, "Family History of the Reverend David Mendez Machado," by N. Taylor Phillips, printed in American Jewish Historical Society . Photocopy of document attesting to the marriage of Henry Claremont Moses and Andrina Werber. Photocopies of genealogical information.
SumterMazurskyAbraham Isaac MazurskyHelen Mazursky Berger6/9/2000Photocopy of family history composed by Helen Mazursky Berger.
SumterBlatt; Mazursky; RephanMazursky and Rephan FamiliesMorris Mazursky6/1996Photocopies of photographs.
SumterMoise; PhelpsMoise FamilySumter County Museum10/04/1996Photocopies of letters, clippings, and photographs.
Sumter Moise Moise FamilyPhotocopies of clippings from The Moise Family of South Carolina containing family history and biographical information. Photocopies of clippings from Penina Moise's Fancy's Sketch Book , with an inscription composed by A. Moise, Jr. Transcription of inscription composed by A. Moise, Jr., in Moise's Fancy's Sketch Book. Photocopy of photograph.
Sumter Blanding; DeLeon; DeSaussure; Ford; McFaddin; Moise; Nones; ScottMoise FamilyEmily Cribb MoiseEveryone Should Have A Copy: From the Family Files of 'The Queen' Pauline McFaddin Moise Harrit , a series of three booklets compiled by Catherine Vernon Moise, containing family history, genealogical information, and photocopies of clippings.
Sumter DeLeon; Moise; NonesMoise, DeLeon, and Nones FamiliesBooklet, The Family Record Book , containing family history and genealogical information, compiled in 2005.
SumterMoiseEdwin Warren MoiseBooklet, Edwin Warren Moise: Papers From the Sumter County Historical Society Archives , containing photocopies of letters, clippings, and personal reminiscences of Edwin Moise.
SumterMoiseL. C. Moise; Sumter Military AcademyPhotocopies of clippings, including one written by L. C. Moise concerning the football team of the Sumter Military Academy.
SumterMoiseNina Moise10/2004Printout dated August 16, 2004, from, the Eugene O'Neill Newsletter, Winter 1982, titled "Nina Moise Directs Eugene O'Neill's The Rope." Correspondence.
SumterMosesMoses FamilyElizabeth Moses2002Photocopies of letters, clippings, and photographs.
Sumter MosesMoses FamilyElizabeth Moses3/2002Photocopy of essay, "Pertaining to the Moses Family," by Herbert A. Moses.
Sumter Machado; Moses; Nunes; Phillips; SpannMoses FamilyElizabeth Moses2002Photocopies of genealogical information and photographs of tombstones.
Sumter Harby; Moses; PhillipsMoses Family Robert Moses1995; 1996Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information on Herbert Altamont Moses; Octavia Altamont Moses; Emile Phillips Moses; Perry Moses; Octavia Harby Moses; Henry J. Harby; and Rosalie Virginia Bultman. Photocopies of photographs. Donor/curator correspondence.
Sumter Emanuel; Moses Moses FamilyRobert Moses 1995; 1996Photocopy of letter from Solomon Emanuel to his mother, dated April 1864, concerning religious practices during the Civil War. Photocopy of letter from David Brown to Herbert A. Moses, dated January 1927, regarding the United Jewish Campagin in Sumter. Photocopies of letters from Maurice Emanuel to A. M. Lopez, dated May 1887. Photocopy of document regarding the creation of the firm Jones, Wallace & Moses, composed on the letterhead of the New Brunswick Fire Insurance Company, dated January 1909.
Sumter Emanuel; Gomez; Harby; Levy; Moses; PhillipsMoses, Harby, and Phillips FamiliesRobert Moses1995; 1996; 1998Photocopies of letters and clippings by Isaac Gomez containing family history and genealogical information. Photocopies of applications to the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution.
Sumter Moses; PhillipsMoses and Phillips FamiliesElizabeth Moses2002Photocopies of clippings pertaining to Franklin Israel Moses, Franklin J. Moses, Myer Moses, and Jonas Phillips.
SumterMachado; Moses; NunesSamuel Nunes; David Mendez Machado1996Photocopy of essay, "A Sephardic Story," by Robert Moses.
SumterMoise; Moses; WeinbergMoses, Moise, and Weinberg Families10/04/1996Catalogue worksheets for the Sumter County Museum regarding donated items. Sumter County Museum newsletter from fall 1996. Brochure for the the Sumter County Museum Complex.
SumterMosesOctavia Harby Moses9/28/1998Photocopy of essay by Octavia Harby Moses regarding her recollections of the Civil War and her sons' experiences as Confederate soldiers.
SumterHarby; Levy; MosesPerry and Rose MosesHelen M. Bultman9/24/1998Photocopy of essay, "The Story of a Good Life," by Dorthy Phelps Bultman.
SumterMosesVivian MosesMichael Moskow12/2004Photocopies of clippings containing biographical information. Letter composed by Michael Moskow.
Sumter MosesMyer Moses I; Myer Moses II; Myer Moses IIIPhotocopies of clippings, genealogical information, and research notes compiled by Susan Dukes Bryan. Dale Rosengarten's notes compiled for A Portion of the People .
Sumter MosesRaphael MosesRobert Rosen1995; 1996Photocopy of essay, "Raphael Moses and The Last Order of the Lost Cause," presented by I. Harby Moses to the Fortnightly Club in 2001. Photocopy of essay, "Autobiography of Raphael Moses." Photocopies of clippings from Last Order of the Lost Cause: The True Story of a Jewish Family in the Old South .
Sumter NessEsther Berger Ness; Benjamin NessEverett W. Ness2/2003; March 2003Photocopies of clippings, pamphlet, and photograph. Letter composed by Everett W. Ness containing biographical and genealogical information. Donor-curator correspondence. Copy photos: Esther Ness, Benjamin Ness, and Everett and Shirley Gergel Ness on their wedding day. Photocopy of Esther Ness's naturalization certificate. Ness family tree compiled by Shirley Ness Housen.
Sumter Bultman; Phelps; WrayVirginia PhelpsDorthea B. Wray2/1999Annotated index for cookbook belonging to Virginia Phelps. Donor/curator correspondence.
Sumter Pearlstine; Strauss; WeinbergStrauss, Pearlstine, and Weinberg FamiliesEileen Strauss Rubin5/1995Photocopies of letters, clippings, census records, and genealogical information.
UnionFramCharles FramUniversity of South Carolina Business magazine, published fall 1999.
UnionFromFrom Family of Union, S.C.Gloria Goldberg8/20/2019photocopies of newspaper clippings about members of the From Family of Union.
UnionCohen; From; Krass; Leader; ShapiroJews of UnionElizabeth Moses8/22/2016Correspondence; photocopies of photos
WalterboroTemple Mt. SinaiPaul SiegelAugust 2018Photocopy of Temple Mt. Sinai Congregation minutes, Sept. 21, 1947 through Feb. 6, 1977.
WalterboroKleinKlein's DrugstoreLucille F. Powers9/13/1997Photocopies of clippings.
WalterboroWarshawBernard WarshawBernard Warshaw4/1996Photocopies of clippings regarding Warhsaw's military service during the Second World War and his visit to Dachau shortly after its liberation. Photocopy of transcript of a speech delivered by Warshaw, entitled "Keeping Memory Alive," about remembering and memorializing the Holocaust.
WalterboroSax; SiegelSam Siegel; Kurt SaxPaul Siegel8/25/1997Photocopy of letter composed by Sam Siegel asking for Jews in Anderson to lend financial assistance to Kurt Sax, an Austrian fleeing Nazism in the 1930s, for opening a newsstand. Photocopy of letter from Kurt Sax to Sam Siegel, dated October 1995, thanking Siegel for assisting Sax. Photocopies of clippings concerning the reunion between Siegel and Sax in Walterboro after not having spoken for over fifty years. Photocopies of photographs.
WalterboroNovit; SiegelNovit and Siegel FamiliesSam Siegel4/1996Photocopies of photographs of the Novit family store and Lady Lafayette Hotel.
WalterboroMiscellaneousBrochures concerning Walterboro history.
WalterboroSiegelSam SiegelPhotocopies of clippings concerning Siegel's retirement and the closing of his family's department store. Letters composed by Paul and Jayne Siegel. Photocopies of Dale Rosengarten's field notes.
WalterboroNovitNovit FamilyPaul Siegel6/2001Correspondence composed by Paul Siegel concerning the Novit family store and a plate commemorating the Lady Lafayette Hotel.
WalterboroEpps; KleinKlein and Epps FamiliesLucille F. Powers9/13/1997Photocopies of genealogical information compiled by Judith Hutchinson. Photocopies of clippings containing references to Klein's Drugstore.
WalterboroNovitLady Lafayette HotelLucille F. Powers9/13/1997Photocopies of clippings.
WillistonGainey; Garber; RogolRogol, Garber, and Gainey FamiliesElizabeth Cunningham Roberts1/25/2000Correspondence composed by Elizabeth Cunningham Roberts containing family history and a reference to Emile Harley, Roberts' uncle and a law partner of Sol Blatt.